Why Should Packaging Materials, Always Considered?

When you buy something, the first thing you will see on the item is the packaging. Most people say and perceive that good packaging describes the product as having good quality. The same is the case with the packaging of chemical indicator products, like indicator cards, sticks, tapes, etc.

Why should we pay attention and consider the quality of packaging materials in chemical indicator products? Because usually packaging materials such as wrapped or container instruments will allow the good penetration process of the sterilizing agent and maintain the sterility of the processed items after sterilization.

Packaging materials on chemical indicator products should be designed and adapted for the sterilization process method used and in accordance with the object being sterilized. Here are some types of sterilization process methods and what packaging materials needed to be considered:

  • For the sterilization method with steam autoclaves: make sure the packaging material allows the steam to penetrate, such as using materials made from paper, plastic, cloth, paper / plastic peel packages, or wrapped perforated cassettes.
  • For the dry heat system sterilization method: make sure the packaging material shouldn't insulate the items from heat and not be destroyed by the temperature used. Use materials such as paper bags, aluminum foils, polyfilm plastic tubing, or wrapped perforated cassettes.
  • For the sterilization method with an unsaturated chemical vapor system: make sure the packaging material has more resistance and strength when dealing with vapor, make sure the material can provide vapor access to precipitate the contents without damaging the packaging material. Packaging materials that can be used for this method are materials such as wrapped perforated cassettes, paper, and paper / plastic peel packages.

Packaging material is one of the strong reasons the sterilization process can run smoothly or not, because if the packaging is not good and is defective at the beginning or during storage, the opportunity for contamination of items such as indicator cards, sticks, tapes, etc. will be even greater. 

To avoid contamination and damage or defects in items, we need to ensure that the packaging does not experience things such as wet, torn, damaged, or other things that can destroy the packaging and the instruments inside it, both before and after shipping and storage. If the packaging is damaged, it must be immediately re-cleaned, re-packaged in a new package, and re-sterilized.

So, the essence is that as a producer, distributor, or consumer, it's important to pay attention to small things such as packaging materials. Because the condition of the packaging is the first thing that can provide a good opportunity for the smooth running of the product, and vice versa if the packaging is bad then the product can be contaminated and even thwart the sterilization process.

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