How to Use a Clinical Thermometer on the Body

In general, a thermometer is defined as a device for measuring temperature. In the field of medical and health, the thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the human body whether it is at a normal size temperature or not. This thermometer is known as a clinical thermometer. For how it works, clinical thermometers will usually be placed or affixed to parts of the human body such as the mouth, armpits, forehead, arms, ears, or anus.

Same as laboratory thermometers, clinical thermometers also have 3 types of systems that can be used for measurement, i.e. with alcohol, mercury, and digitally. Alcohol thermometer uses alcohol liquid to measure temperature, alcohol liquid has more sensitivity than mercury so that the volume expansion process is more clearly visible, a thermometer that uses alcohol liquid is ideal for measuring temperatures that have very low temperatures.

The mercury thermometer uses mercury for temperature measurement, this type of thermometer is the most commonly found and used by many people, because it can measure temperatures up to the highest size. Furthermore, the digital thermometer is the thermometer that is also the most commonly used by many people and is considered the most accurate in providing results.

A digital thermometer has a sensor system that can measure the temperature on a person's body remotely, even at a far distance. In the clinical thermometer, there are several ways that can be used to measure the temperature of the human body, the following is an explanation:

  1. Through the Mouth. When using a thermometer in the mouth, you only need to place and clamp the thermometer sensor section under the tongue with the mouth closed. Pull the thermometer when you hear the sound and the temperature measurement results are ready to be read on the device screen.
  2. Under the armpit or arm. The use of a clinical thermometer under the armpits and arms is enough just to squeeze it and make sure the thermometer sensor is in contact with the skin. Hold and squeeze the thermometer +/- 2-3 minutes until the sensor beeps and the temperature measurement results are ready to be read on the device screen.
  3. Forehead. The clinical thermometer used on the forehead is usually a digital type of thermometer system and uses an infrared sensor to measure temperature. The infrared sensor on the thermometer will be directed at the forehead and the results will quickly in seconds appear directly on the device screen. However, even though it can provide fast results, the results provided may not necessarily be said to have the correct level of accuracy.
  4. Ears. The clinical thermometer used in the ear also uses an infrared sensor to measure temperature by directing the infrared sensor into the ear and the results will come out on the device screen. When measuring the temperature in the ear, make sure the ear is clean and there is not too much fluid, as this can interfere with the measurement process and will give inaccurate results.
  5. Anus. The use of a clinical thermometer in the anus is usually carried out on babies or infants under 3 months of age. How to apply moisturizer on the anus first. Gently place the thermometer about 1/2 inches into the anus. Hold the meter by hand and wait for 30 seconds for the sensor to beep.

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