TOGA® Safe Smart, IoT Completely Closed Reagent Storage

GT SCIEN (Green Technology Science & Environment) is the EHS World's no.1 for your Laboratory. GT SCIEN provides an integrated laboratory EHS solution based on toxic gas purification technology and an IoT management platform to transform the laboratory into a friendly, safe and healthy work environment for researchers.

Many people who work in laboratories, factories, and other workplaces who deal with chemicals are exposed to toxic gases. TOGA® safe smart products by GT SCIEN purify and protect the air from poisonous gases.

GT SCIEN has a mission of LAB EHS 4.0 for SUSTAINABLE R&D. With years of laboratory experience, GT SCIEN have the experience and know-how to solve the client’s problems, no matter the application.

EHS (Environment Health & Safety), research health and safety, and environmental protection are the core of GT SCIEN business and product development. Next, 4.0. GT SCIEN is evolving as a company to become an integrated laboratory safety solution provider by utilizing and adapting industry 4.0 technologies such as IoT and AI.

GT SCIEN has a wide range of products. One of them is the Reagent Storage Cabinet. There are also many Reagent Storage Cabinet products, one of them is the IoT Completely Closed Reagent Storage : TOGA® Safe Smart. This cabinet is equipped with powerful IoT reagent management technology.

TOGA® Safe Smart equipped with TOGA® filter technology to remove toxic gases generated from reagents stored inside the cabinet. It has a structural design that ensures toxic fumes and noxious odors stay inside the cabinet to be purified by the TOGA® filters. External contaminants, such as dust and vapor, cannot enter the cabinet, extending filter life. IoT system manages and monitors reagent use in real-time. The complete filtered storage solution for your laboratory.

This product has an optimized ergonomic design. Engineered with optimized internal ducts, filters, and fan placement to improve smooth airflow.

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