PK7300, The Evolution of Blood Banking and Donor Technology

The rapid development and growth of the times demand many things to do the evolution, especially the evolution of technology. Technology is something that cannot be separated from human life, because the technology exists to help and facilitate human life. Technological developments will never stop, even every day there will always be changes and developments in technology.

Technology is required to continuously evolve, even if the evolution is small or big. One example that we can see is the ease process of blood transfusions or donors between one individual and another. The blood transfusion or donor is the common thing in society, and this is a vital activity in the medical world that even happens every day.

As we already know, humans are living creatures who cannot live alone and will always depend on other living things, including plants and even animals. The dependence of human life on other living things includes various aspects, even to the blood aspect.

Blood is a very important thing for maintaining and strengthening the human body’s defences, so it always remains immune, healthy, and strong against many viruses or bacteria that can threaten human health. If we lack blood, our body will surely feel weak, susceptible to disease, or even die. The blood shortage condition needs to be treated quickly by doing a blood transfusion or donor.

To do blood donors, we need sophisticated and evolved technology, from using a conventional system to modern systems that are fully automated. The evolution of blood donor technology is shown to make it easier for humans to carry out blood donor activities, starting from the ease of sampling, conducting blood banking analysis, to obtaining optimal results.

The PK7300 is the technology evolution for blood banking analyzer and the first product intended to be able to perform a comprehensive blood banking analysis made by Beckman Coulter. The PK7300 has also been claimed to be the best tool in the industry for pre-transfusion and automated blood transfusion.

The PK7300 is the answer for your comprehensive blood banking solution equipped with an automated microplate system that can assist in delivering and providing high-quality industrial throughput results and improving workflow efficiency. The PK7300 features an advanced system that can provide throughput results up to 300 samples per hour, perform online and complete system updates, do the transfer data for both online and offline, control the instruments and tool systems using alarm sensors, even monitor and validate the output results optimally.

Here is some additional information about the PK7300:

Give you a simple and efficient experience

  • High throughput results up to 300 samples per hour allow rapid analysis of large volumes of samples with 5 diluted sample cups in the high wash mode.
  • Reduce training time with advanced operating systems and customized menus, icons, and color-keyed graphics.
  • Save time and money with programmable, fully automated start-up mode.
  • Onboard data management allows you to store and search test results, and also data can be saved for offline analysis and archiving up to 40.000 image samples.
  • Rack capability up to 12 racks for 120 samples tubes / vials (barcode on primary tubes / vials).

Quality and reliability

  • Get reliable analysis using a high-resolution CCD camera.
  • Enhance test reliability using barcodes to automate the management of samples, microplates, reagents, and diluents.
  • Continuously monitor dispensed volumes of samples, reagents, and diluents, also detected, displayed, and reported anomalies automatically.

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