Why is HEPA Filter Important?

To keep the air clean, fresh, and healthy in the rooms, we need a tool like an air purifier. Air purifier is a tool that is often used to clean and neutralize the air from the presence of dust, bacteria / viruses, or other particles that can endanger the health of anyone who inhales it.

Why is the use of an air purifier important inside the room? Because, as we know that the air is one of the vital places where many harmful and dirty particles occur and floating, therefore we need the presence of this tool both inside the workplace rooms or at home. Each air purifier usually has important features in order to produce clean and healthy air.

One of the important features that are usually found in the air purifier is the HEPA filter. What is a HEPA filter? HEPA filter is an abbreviation of High Efficiency Particulate Air, this is an air filtering technology system that is useful for carrying out the process of cleaning / filtering the air to be healthier and more hygienic. HEPA filters can filter and capture any invisible microparticles in the air.

HEPA filter is an air filter technology system that has been developed, recognized and meets the certain standards from the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST). The specific standard referred to the ability for blocking, removing, and filtering at least about 99.97% of dirty particles in the air, such as dust, fungus, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, mites, tobacco smoke, and other invisible microparticles that are harmful to the environment and have an average size of only 0.3 microns.

Why Should a HEPA Filter?

According to the latest research conducted and published by the Central of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is stated that air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters are proven to be able to provide effective clean air and help to reduce and prevent airborne disease transmission, even HEPA filters have been claimed to be able to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 inside the rooms/indoors.

Another reason, compared to other filter technology systems that are only capable of filtering large-sized dirt and viruses, the HEPA filter is able to filter out any dirt and viruses, both small and large sizes. HEPA filter technology has two types of filters. The first filter functions to separate coarse dirt and large dust particles. Meanwhile, the second filter functions to filter microparticles with small sizes that are invisible to the eye. 

The Dust, dirt, and microparticles that have been detected and caught will be immediately filtered and disposed into the exhaust tank, while the clean air will be immediately distributed inside the room. The HEPA filter needs and recommends to be operated at high speed so the air filtering process can run optimally.

What Other Devices Usually Have a HEPA Filter System?

Beside the air purifier, usually a vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a HEPA filter. A vacuum cleaner is a tool that is usually used to suck up or absorb the dirt or debris that is stuck to the furniture and floor of the room. Equipped with a HEPA filter, the vacuum cleaner will have a bigger and more effective suction power. All types of large-sized dirt and microparticles that stick to the objects and the floor inside the room will be absorbed perfectly and become maximally clean.

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