The Functions and How Works Bunsen Burner

Bunsen burner is one of the heating devices or burners in the laboratory. This tool was invented by Robert William Bunsen who used his name to be included in the name of this tool. Apart from being a heating and burning device, Bunsen burners are also used for sterilization.

Bunsen Burner can produce a premixed flame and is often used to heat an object until boiling for organic and inorganic research activities. Bunsen burners are equipped with vertical metal tubes that can be connected to a gas source. The gas commonly used is natural gas methane or liquefied petroleum gas such as propane, butane, or a mixture of propane and butane.

Bunsen burners work by mixing gas and air into a homogeneous mixture. The homogeneous mixture will later come out at the end of the burner tube that looks like a fire. In general, the flame on a Bunsen burner has a difference depending on the airflow coming out of the air outlet. For example, air holes that are tightly closed, slightly open, half-open, or fully open will produce different colors of fire.

How does the Bunsen Burner work?

Usually, Bunsen burners function to be used in several chemical processes that require heating in them, such as heating test tubes, testing samples containing alkaline earth or not, and many more. The sample will be burned with the flame burning constantly and continuously for a specified amount of time. Here are the proper steps when using a Bunsen burner:

  1. Make sure the air holes on the Bunsen burner are tightly closed by turning the collar.
  2. Close the local supply valve by turning the handle and make sure the gas line is active.
  3. Close the needle valve located at the bottom of the Bunsen burner.
  4. Open the local supply valve by turning the handle.
  5. Open the needle valve at the bottom of the Bunsen burner until you hear the hissing of gas.
  6. Turn on and place the flame at the top of the tube.
  7. Turn on the gas faucet slowly to regulate and maintain the fire level.
  8. When it is finished, observe the flame.

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