Flex-Gate, Helps Reduce Infrastructure Damage

Floods are natural disasters that occur due to the high rainfall, causing the water that falls to gather in one place which eventually causes a large puddle in some areas. In addition, flooding can also be caused by a leaking water embankment, causing several places to be affected, usually this disaster is called a flash flood.

Actually, the affected by flooding are quite a lot, like when the land surface is lower than the water level, then also because of the very dense residential and office land, so the land for absorption or disposal of water is reduced and covered by buildings, or because many people do litter, so the drain become clogged, and many more.

For some countries like Indonesia, flooding is a natural disaster that takes a huge loss for the state. Whether it takes lives or damages facilities and infrastructure, it will require a large budget expenditure to restore it. For Indonesia, flooding is a natural disaster that often hits several areas in Indonesia every year.

The Need for Flood Protection

As we know, the flood will cause significant losses to the state budget. To help minimize the budgets spent, the state and related parties must and need to develop a more mature flood mitigation strategy, especially towards the buildings and infrastructure damage, such as office buildings, supermarkets, subway stations, etc.

To solve this problem, ILC Dover created a flood protection that can protect buildings and commercial or public infrastructure from floodwaters and other things that have the potential to cause damage. Flood Protection produced by ILC Dover is able to meet any size or construction specification of the building or infrastructure, opening that you want to protect from flooding.

Why is Flood Protection Important ILC Dover?

The reason for ILC Dover created the flood protection product because:

- ILC Dover predicts and says that in several countries, the risk of flooding will continue to increase in the future, especially due to the natural changes, such as severe weather events, rising sea level, climate change, hurricanes, and many more

- The need for the new innovations that can help several parties to solve this flood problem

- The risk of falling victims due to debris drifting and floating along with the flood can injure many people

Why Flood Protection by ILC Dover?

Due to several reasons for the need of flood protection in several public places, ILC Dover offers their product called Flex-Gate (At the Point-of-Use). Used in a place like the underground stations or the underground parking and Flex-Cover (Near the Point-of-Use) used and placed or restored building entrance, so the water cannot be entered inside. Then what are the benefits of ILC Dover products compared to the others?

These flex-gate and flex-cover products have been certified internationally and are manufactured with high-strength fabrics, making them lighter than other rigid barrier systems and allowing them to be stored at or near the point-of-use for faster, last-minute deployment with minimal personnel. This not only results in an overall lower total cost of ownership, but enables the systems to withstand hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, and floating debris impact loads better than other rigid barrier systems products, significantly reducing potential flood damage to buildings.

In short way, here are some reasons that make flex-gate and flex-cover by ILC Dover superior from the others:

- Has an international certificate (FM-certified products)

- Made of high-strength materials

- Using materials with lightweight fabrics

- Can be placed or restored at or near point-of-use

- Faster, last minute deployment

- Product with an affordable cost

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