Daihan Scientific’s Arsine Generator Testing, Detect Arsenic Poison

What is Arsenic Poison?

Have you ever heard of Arsenic poison? Actually, Arsenic poison has similarities with Cyanide poison, which has substances that can be deadly to humans. Arsenic itself is a chemical compound that can be found in water, soil and air. Therefore, the chances of the distribution of Arsenic substances in matters relating to humans are very large and high, for example, food and beverages consumed by humans everyday such as milk or meat.

Same with cyanide use cases, arsenic is also sometimes used to kill people. This poison is tasteless and very difficult to detect, when humans eat and drink something that has been mixed with arsenic poison, then don't expect us to be able to taste it and detect it. Arsenic in elemental form is not dangerous, but if it is in the form of arsenic dioxide, it will be dangerous. Usually, the poison is also the same as cyanide, which is in the form of a powder and it is easy to soluble in the water.

According to WHO, exposure to Arsenic itself can even cause several diseases such as cancer, skin lesions, diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease. These diseases have caused death in many adults. If this problem is not resolved immediately, it will cause many more victims. Therefore, precautions against exposure to arsenic in water, soil and air, especially water, need to be considered. Why should we be aware of arsenic exposure in water? Because, usually Arsenic is naturally present at high levels in the groundwater of a number of countries.

How to handle it?

One way to overcome this is to take precautions for arsenic exposure by using Daihan Scientific's Arsine Generator Testing. This tool will detect and monitor whether there are arsenic substances in the experiment object. This tool from Daihan Scientific has several advantages such as:

- Material made from original 3:3 borosilicate glass

- Custom-made available

- Has an arsine absorber equipped with a socket joint and 60ml bottle 24/40

- Scrubber tube with 24/40 joint and 13/5 ball joint which included a stainless-steel ball clamp too

- Complies with the specifications of ASTM / USP and EPA

- This tool also consists of Erlenmeyer flask, adapter or cone socket, and upper adapter

If you want to protect and prevent exposure to arsenic in your environment, such as groundwater, which you use to boil drinking water so that you can consume it daily or detect whether the air you breathe daily is healthy and avoid exposure to arsenic or not, then this tool is willing to provide a solution for you.

Interested? Kindly please order or consult with us first, Hartech. We are ready to distribute Daihan Scientific's Arsine Generator Testing tool for you. Do not hesitate to reach us on our website and contact our sales.

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