Flex-Gate Stairwell Helps to Prevent Flood at Underground Places

When the rains fall heavily, it will not close the possibility of flooding in any vital places, such as the underground station, underground parking or any underground place. That's why it needs a strategy to prevent flooding in some places that are underground.

For Indonesia, a flood prevention strategy from the presence of high rainfall really needs to be prepared in detail and always learn from the previous flood disaster experiences. This strategy needs to be prepared carefully and takes a long time, even before the building or place is built. Because Indonesia can be hit by rain every year, it is very prone to the presence of floods every year as well too.

Especially for several cities in Indonesia, like the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. As we know, Jakarta is a city that is often hit by floods every year. As a metropolis city, flooding will certainly disrupt some activities, for example, when we want to go to work or school, but due to the flooding, it causes very bad traffic jams in many road areas.

To avoid and prevent us from being late at work or school because of the traffic jams, is to use the alternative transportation, which doesn't need to deal with the traffic jams, the train, which happens to have several stations underground.

Flex-Gate Stairwell by ILC Dover

ILC Dover is ready to provide you a solution for flooding problems in underground places by offering their product called Flex-Gate Stairwell. Flex-Gate Stairwell is a high strength flexible barrier that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of subway stairwell entrances and other types of stairwell openings, like tunnels, portals, etc. that can fit to any shape, size, or orientation. The easy operation makes Flex-Gate Stairwell very suitable for use that can be applied to any industry.

It is constructed from high strength, waterproof textile-based materials and sturdy, corrosion resistant hardware, and stored in a container typically mounted at the end of the stairwell opening. Flex-Gate Stairwell also has few moving parts, so it can provide effective flood protection that can be rapidly deployed, allowing critical entrances to remain open to the last minute. The Flex-Gate Stairwell has the ability to withstand flood pressures up to 10-16 feet high.

How to Operate it?

The Flex-Gate Stairwell has similar functions to a window shutter or a storefront safety door that can be rolled up or retracted when something happens. When going through the Flex-Gate Stairwell to enter or exit, you can only do it one at a time because of the small space. When you go through it, then you have to open and close the fabric manually, this only takes a matter of minutes, so it won't waste your energy and time.

What features does The Flex-Gate Stairwell have?

- All components are stored at its point-of-use
- Effective protection of public infrastructures
- Can be customized for a variety of opening designs and sizes, shapes, or orientations
- Constructed with high-strength, waterproof materials
- Materials and hardware are sturdy and corrosion-resistant
- Rapid deployment allows critical entrances to remain open as long as possible

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