Benchmark Scientific Launches the New Incubator-Mixer Series

Benchmark Scientific launches the new incubator-mixer series called incu-mixer MP (Microplate). This new series is designed to provide an optimal method for vortexing and incubating the microplates. The heating process will be simultaneously occurring in the bottom surface and the top lid, the heating process from both sides will provide temperature uniformity throughout the sample.

The top lid of the incu-mixer minimizes the evaporation and prevents condensation. The Benchmark Scientific’s incu-mixer has a compact orbit with 2mm size, the orbit ensures thorough mixing in microplates without splashing other containment. The speed, time, and temperature button information are all displayed in real time on the large LCD screen, while an interval validation system will constantly monitor all the parameters for accuracy.

The application for incu-mixer is also very easy and flexible, it has the availability for two and four plates formats. The four plates model features an increased chamber height for accepting plates up to 46mm high. The independent system for the time, temperature, and speed controls allows the incu-mixer to be functioning as 3 machines in one, a multi-place incubator, a vortexer, and also a great combination for the two tools, the incubator and the mixer.

The Incu-Mixer MP from Benchmark Scientific is an ideal tool for a wide variety of molecular biology applications including immunochemical reactions, enzyme and protein analysis, and microarray analysis. The Incu-Mixer MP is indeed a very comprehensive tool. Here are some clear advantages that you will get from the tools:

  • Optimized for incubated plus mixing process for microplates
  • The top heated lid minimizes the evaporation and prevents condensation
  • It has availability for two and four plates formats. 
  • It has an  independent system for the time, temperature, and speed controls
  • The four plates model accepts plates up to 46mm high 

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