The Mini Pulse Helps to Collect and Filter Effectively

The presence of dust and other impurities is something that needs to be considered when we are indoors or outside. Dust and dirt will not only create discomfort, but will also cause diseases, like respiratory ailments. Dust and dirt will always appear at any time and every time, whether it comes from the air or the surface, therefore we need tools that can collect and filter it.

Dust and dirt are very sensitive things to be noticed and controlled, especially in places such as laboratories and factories. The laboratory is where research and experiments are carried out, while the factory is a place where the production process of goods is carried out, so it is natural that in such places it should be equipped with dust and dirt collectors and filters. These tools are used to provide effective quality control, healthcare, and clean rooms in laboratories and factories.

To answer this problem, Clyde Apac issued a tool called the mini pulse for helping to collect and filter the dust and any dirt. Clyde-Apac is a specialist company specializing in the field of air filtration, and contamination / pollution control equipment for industry, healthcare, and science.

The mini pulse made by Clyde Apac is a powerful, compact, and self-contained reverse pulse cartridge. The dust and dirt filtration process on the mini pulse is carried out with a 100% washable and polyester star pleated cartridge. The mini pulse has two size choices and cleaning areas, namely the mini pulse 500 which has a filter area of 100m and the mini pulse 350 with a filter area of 49m.

Mini pulse combines the exhaust fan, dust separator and dust storage in one assembly. It has easy access to the filters. We can easily reach the filters through an access door. The fan and motor are positioned at the top of the unit, at the clean air side of the collector. The fan and motor section will lift upward while a gas strut counters the weight of the fan.

Mini pulse has been designed using the finest materials and complies with O.C.H.S. standard, this tool has also been tested and recognized as well as already certified by NATA and ISO. Mini pulse is ideal for use in every workshop or place such as laboratories or factories. This tool is capable of being a very effective and efficient source capture, mobile air cleaner and dust collector tool for large industries.


The body of the mini pulse is fabricated from 2mm thick mild steel panels, powder-coated for durability and appearance. The fan wheel used has backwardly inclined blades and is of sturdy construction. The large capacity dustbin rolls on its castors. The single star pleated filter has a large effective filtration area. The filter is segmented to allow for continuous operation. A special version of the Mini Pulse, the 500s, uses a single cartridge of 20m². This larger unit can handle 1700m³/hr of dust-laden air.

Ideal for Use on:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Metal-working (grinding, buffing etc)
  • Woodworking
  • Welding fume extraction and filtration
  • Foundries


  • Handy Arm
  • After filter box for pre-filter & high-efficiency filter
  • 240V motor
  • Silencer

For further information related to Mini Pulse by Clyde Apac or if you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact the team or sales or you can contact Clyde Apac’s distributor agent partner, Hartech Indonesia, if your region is in Indonesia at

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