PAPR, An Alternative Face Protection Tool for Healthcare Worker Safety

Currently, when we want to do outdoor activities, we are definitely required to wear masks. The use of masks as face protection is intended to avoid transmission of the virus, not only the transmission of the corona virus, but also to the other viruses that could endanger us. There are words that the best way to avoid being attacked by a virus is to keep our distance from other people, be diligent in washing our hands when doing outdoor activities, and using a mask properly and correctly.

Apart from masks, there are also people who use face shields to protect their faces. We may often see many healthcare workers using face shields when they are working, even they also wear masks for additional protection on their faces. We can imagine how difficult it is for them to breathe while they are working.

Maybe we who only use one mask sometimes have difficulty breathing because of the tightness of the masks we wear, then what about the healthcare workers who have to use masks every day plus a face shield on their faces?

Difficulty breathing during activities can also endanger our health, especially for healthcare workers. Healthcare workers are very important people for us to pay attention to their safety. How come? If there is no healthcare worker, who can take care of the patients who are affected by COVID-19 and other viruses.

ILC Dover helps healthcare workers to stay protected from viruses and give comfort to breath when using their face protection product, i.e. the Protective PAPR Hood. What is a PAPR? PAPR is a Powered Air-Purifying Respirators for healthcare workers. PAPR by ILC Dover is available in various models such as half mask, full mask, full facepiece, and helmet / hoods equipped with a sentinel clear system with an advanced hood and a high-performance blower that can draw ambient air through air-purifying elements to be filtered first before the air is made available for breathing.

Several types of PAPR of ILC Dover products such as The Sentinel EZ BioHood and The Sentinel XL HP PAPR provide superior protection on head covers that could deliver 2.5x and full hoods that could deliver 100x protection available which is equivalent to the N-95. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, these tools have various other advantages such as:

- Has a blower system that can provide 25 to 30% more airflow, so you could increase protection and comfort when using it

- The charging system for the blower can be compatible with rechargeable, non-rechargeable, and alkaline batteries to increase readiness and system flexibility over a range of applications

- Easy to attach HEPA and OV/AG/HE filters to support your protection requirements from infectious disease

- Equipped with a waist belt, which is easy to adjust for use and easy to clean

- It has a wide selection of head covers and hoods with different specific protection needs

- No fit-testing required for wearers

- Free storage space by 50%, so it's really easy to store

- Head covers and hood which has a wraparound clear visor for superior visibility, so the healthcare worker is clearly visible to the patient to be seen

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