Premium Dehydrating Oven, a Moisture Removal and Reducer Oven

Dehydrating oven is a tool used in most laboratories and industrial sectors to carry out several processes according to the wishes and needs needed, such as drying processes, sterilization, evaporation, removing and reducing humidity or moisture, testing in high temperature conditions, incubation, etc.

Introducing Premium Dehydrating Oven from Clyde Apac

Premium dehydrating oven is designed to remove large quantities of moisture from products and research samples. This dehydrating oven can be applied to remove and reduce moisture in powder, soil, paper, timber, plaster, fabric, coal and many other minerals. The ovens feature a high air flow rate to ensure effective drying and chamber heating.

The premium dehydrating oven is equipped with an adjustable air inlet and an adjustable air exhaust vent that can supply fresh air into the chamber while removing moist air from the chamber. This oven is also designed to be able to perform tests on soil.

One of the advantages of this oven is the fan system. The premium dehydrating oven fan system has a unique horizontal air flow system which ensures dry heated air is directed across each shelf space for effective drying of samples anywhere inside the oven. Heated air is blown down the rear of the oven where it is then forced over the shelf spaces via a perforated rear wall.

Moist air is vented outside the oven via a top porthole. This prevents additional moisture building up inside the oven. Internal air flow can be regulated by opening and closing the top ventilation ports.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in four standard sizes from 150 to 700 litres.
  • Provides an efficient energy with automated-digital control technology.
  • Long life high-speed fan motors.
  • Adjustable chrome plated shelving.
  • Custom designed air handling system.
  • Large 50mm adjustable air and exhaust outlet.
  • Better control accuracy (+/- 0.25°C).
  • Spatial variation at 100°C of ±2°C (unloaded, vents closed).
  • Sealed liner.
  • Lockable castors.
  • Automated-digital temperature safety devices.
  • Provides a controller error code for open CCT sensor or control malfunction. 
  • Oven exterior cool to touch even when at maximum operating temperature.

In addition, premium dehydrating ovens have other benefits to users, like offering additional features or accessories for the oven, such as:

  • Additional shelving.
  • Additional monitoring cable ports.
  • Programmable controller. 
  • Key door locks.  

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