Benchmark Medical Technology Legacy

Benchmark is a company engaged in ready-to-use manufacturing or combined design. From analytics to prototyping, precision engineering to production, and assembly to supply chain management. Benchmark's global team delivers the key experiences and complex technologies that matter to your customers and the efficiency that matters to your bottom line.

Benchmark products include Defense, Medical Technologies, Commercial Aerospace, and Complex Industrial. Of the many products, this article will discuss Benchmark products in the medical field. 

Benchmark's 40-year legacy in medical technology and Benchmark's passion for innovation, enable Benchmark to address customer challenges. Benchmark grows in complexity, and has the experience necessary to develop a complete system, integrated solution that focuses on the patient experience that provides the best results for both the patient and the provider.

Benchmark's dedicated global medical device team, to optimize all aspects of engineering, design and product integration to the market as quickly as possible. Benchmarks have powerful capabilities that allow them to handle the customer's product development cycle, from design to supply chain management. Benchmark is the most experienced partner for developing, integrating and producing complex medical technologies.

Since its inception, Benchmark has acquired extensive expertise in complying with the most stringent medical industry with international standards, and continues to flawlessly pass all FDA, related to audits and inspections. Benchmark is a leader in compliance, with multiple FDA / QSR compliance and 12 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485 international certified standards.

Benchmark's extensive experience in providing FDA-compliant solutions, enables it to perform smoothly in the European market. As the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is being lifted across Europe to resemble the FDA, Benchmark is bringing its regulatory expertise to help European medical device companies get and have the better transition to the new standards, so they can scale globally and bring products to the market fastly.

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