Incubator CO2 Best Choices for Kultur Sel/Bakteri

Microorganism cells, especially bacteria need to reproduce / grow, there are some bacteria that are good and not good for the human body. To carry out the process of bacterial growth, a tool called an incubator is needed. Incubator is a tool used to incubate or breed microorganisms under certain conditions, like the humidity or CO2 temperature control.

There are 5 types of incubators and one of them is the CO2 incubator. CO2 incubators are widely used and needed in several laboratories, it focuses on researching and controlling the growth of groups of bacteria that require CO2 concentrations of around 5-10%. The temperature of the CO2 incubator usually ranges from ambient +4°C to 50°C. The CO2 incubator has a wide scope in carrying out the microorganism incubation process, even the scope can be in groups of bacteria whose growth is in the cold temperature range.

CO2 Incubator from Benchmark Scientific

Benchmark Scientific provides several types of CO2 incubator that you can choose according to your wishes and needs with the superior functions and advantages of each tool. One of the most leading types is the ST Normal & Plus series.

The Benchmark ST series of CO2 incubators has unique and advanced technology that provides the highest levels of temperature accuracy with minimal fluctuation (within 0.1°C). It has a six-sided heating system with a low-speed internal fan, that can uniformly spread the air throughout the chamber (without air exchange from the external environment). The chamber walls are constructed of high-grade (304) stainless steel, and all corners are rounded, preventing the accumulation of dirt / debris.

All ST series has an internal alarm security feature to alert the user if the CO2 percentage changes, or the temperature fluctuates by more than 1°C from the set point. In addition, a “quick-cal” calibration button allows for quickly adjusting the chamber temperature to match with the proper calibrated external thermometer.

These CO2 incubator series (ST Normal & ST Plus) are each available in 45L and 180L chamber sizes. ST Plus models include advanced programming for high heat decontamination (at 125°C), a unique split inner glass door for access to the chamber without exposing it fully to the external environment and programmable humidity percentage, up to 95%.

Here are the clear point advantages you will get with the ST Series of CO2 Incubator:

  • Precision temperature control with 6-sided heating and a low-speed internal fan
  • Precise monitoring over CO2 with dual-beam IR sensor
  • Made from the seamless, stainless-steel chamber walls with high grade preventing the dirt
  • Available in 45L and 180L chamber sizes
  • Digital control of humidity percentage (ST Plus models only)

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