Mini Vortex Mixer Benchmark Scientific Mixing Solution

Vortex mixer is a tool that is often used for mixing liquids that have a small volume for cell disruption and homogenization using a test tube, vial, cylinder, or microplate, it can also mix liquids for painting miniature and game models. The vortex mixer is not only used to do research and experimental science, but can also be used for various fields, such as mixing liquids painting or even mixing alcohol-water for drinking, and many more.

Vortex mixer is widely used in various fields, especially biology, microbiology, biochemical, etc., and also the operating systems and tools are very easy and simple to be operated, making this tool very useful for use by many people, whether it is used in the laboratory or other workplaces. Vortex mixers have various types of different shapes and sizes, one of the most frequently used types is the mini vortex mixer.

Mini Vortex Mixer by Benchmark Scientific 

Mini vortex mixer by Benchmark Scientific is a mini vortex mixer product that is widely used abroad and its quality has been recognized internationally. This mini vortex mixer is designed to be very powerful, very stable, and easy to use. It has an orbit of 4 mm and a speed of 2800 rpm, making this vortex mixer capable of accommodating and mixing with small to large sample sizes, for example nearly full 50 ml tubes.

This vortex mixer only has a footprint size of fewer than 4x4 inches, but has the advantage of a powerful motor system. The motor speed can be adjusted whether it's high or low, and has a large storage capacity. The operation of this tool uses an insta-touch system that can automatically work immediately when the sample is placed / touched in the center of the vortex with a little pressure. When the pressure is removed, the tool operation automatically stops immediately.

The Vornado's unique head design prevents liquids from entering the housing, and prevents any damage thereby extending tool life, and making operations run smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Mini vortex mixer by Benchmark Scientific called Vornado Mini Vortex Mixer is available in 5 colors, such as gray, blue, green, purple, and red.

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