Water Bath, Create a Constant Temperature in The Water

A laboratory is a place that has a large number of objects or tools, so many of these tools are known to us and some, we rarely know, or also sometimes we don't even know that the tools do exist and are real. One tool that may be quite strange to us is a water bath. Maybe you are wondering what the heck is a water bath? From the name alone, we can certainly guess that this tool is related to the use of water. However, what is the water used for, is it for bathing, drinking, cooling, heating or defrosting? What is the meaning of a water bath and what is its function in the laboratory? Instead of being confused, let's see the full explanation below.

What is a Water Bath?

Water bath is a laboratory tool used as a heating device for liquids or chemicals in the shape of an oven. The liquid or chemicals will be immersed in the water contained in the water bath. The water in the water bath usually has a consistent temperature to be used for a predetermined period of time.

On the water bath there is a heater, the heater must always be submerged in the water, it has a function for heating the water in the water bath. Also, the water must always be within the indicator level and a certain temperature measurement, therefore a tool called a thermostat is also used to adjust the water indicator level and water temperature level. The purpose is that when the water bath will work, the water contained in it was already at a certain indicator level and already in the right temperature or the heat size, so that the heater in it can work well and optimally.

What is the function of a water bath?

The function of the water bath is clearly defined from its meaning, i.e. to heat liquids or chemicals. More clearly, it is to create a constant temperature in the water for the incubation process of microbiological analysis. The temperature of the water bath can be adjusted in the range of 30-100 degrees Celsius.

In addition to helping the incubation process microbiological analysis, the water bath also functions in heating the reagents, incubating culture cells, and melting the substrate. So, this tool serves not only to heat, but also helps in the incubation process to the melting process.

What are the Types of Water Baths?

Water bath has 2 versions, such as the analog and digital version. The analog version is an old or classic version that has a tool setting process that is still quite difficult, so sometimes the performance results obtained are not optimal. Meanwhile, the digital version is the latest and modern version, because it already has the technology that fits the trends and needs of the times.

In the digital version, the buttons are very sophisticated, so that when the process starts to get the results, everything can work optimally. All processes such as setting temperature, water indicator, and setting the length of heating time can be carried out and set as we want. Even tubs and pools in water baths now don't only fit one, but can be more than that. Tubs and pools in current water bath technology can be adjusted easily, like the tubs and pools that can have different water temperatures.

The need for new technology is very necessary considering the conditions of the times that continue to develop and change every day, as well as the need for technology in our workplace and laboratory. Tools such as water baths and others should start to be upgraded with easier and more modern systems and settings, as well as the needs of laboratory equipment in your workplace.

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