The soloLAB, a Flexible Pop-up Isolator, The Ultimate Operator Protection

Product containment and processing of small-scale lab operations can cause a headache and a hard time for the operators if they are irregular or infrequently performed. A costly acquisition of a large-scale containment unit simply isn’t an option for many laboratory applications. The soloLAB is a pop-up, benchtop isolation unit which is super quick to assemble (it really does just pop-up) that offers containment for many laboratory applications.

 It is fully designed and welded from a tough and very clear 500-micron flexible film offering high optical clarity and maximum durability. soloLAB featured utility sleeves that allow gas lines to be added securely to control the environment within. The soloLAB is an ultimate operator protection in a flexible pop-up isolator that provides excellent value and affordable costs for any labs that are needing and looking to contain a variety of processes or substances.

soloLAB Made by Solo Containment

Solo Containment is a specialist manufacturer of flexible film isolators to a global client base. Solo Containment has a focus on providing products and services on high-performance containment successes capabilities and technology with flexible film from hard-shell rigid isolators to the growing single-use or disposable for most industry problem solutions. One of Solo Containment's superior products for laboratory's equipment containment and processing is soloLAB.

What benefits will you get with soloLAB?

  • Prevent damage from equipment with an optional floor mat.
  • An effective portable containment, so it can be used anywhere and anytime, also for sample preservation.
  • Quick setup time.
  • Clear and durable flexible containment.
  • Has an ergonomic design.
  • Delivers a negative pressure airflow for better containment results.
  • Cost-effective.

What features are contained in soloLAB?

  • 500micron flexible film.
  • Two glove sleeves with interchangeable gloves.
  • Large gas-tight access zipper.
  • Sealable utility sleeve.
  • H14 HEPA filter.
  • An optional floor mat.

If you are interested, please visit and contact for more information. Hartech is a distributor agent in Indonesia for Solo Containment and many other reputable and trustworthy brands partners. Hartech Indonesia will provide and support your laboratory or workplace equipment needs and meet your work problem solutions. 

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