NiGK Corporation’s, From The Bottom of The Sea to Outer Space

NiGK Corporation has been one of the core members of NOF Corporation Group, since its establishment in December 1980. NiGK Corporation provides various niche-market-oriented products ranging from the ocean floor to outer space, most ingenious and unique.

In accordance with the slogan “From the bottom of the sea to outer space”, NiGK Corporation handles a wide range of products related to various business fields from oceans to space exploration. NiGK Corporation’s philosophy is to provide new extraordinary values to customers for the prosperity of society.

NiGk’s business fields include:

  • Chemicals: Temperature indicator, sterilization consumables, construction materials.
  • Rocket priming technologies.
  • Mechanical devices: Power transmission failure detection and ocean research and investigation.

Ever since 1965, NiGK Corporation has responded to diverse market needs by developing products that use color change to convey temperature, UV, and new levels at a single glance. NiGK Corporation products can be largely divided into categories, according to their purpose which is temperature indicating all materials, temperature indicating materials for food sterilization processes only, temperature indicating materials for cold chains only, and UV detection products.

As for rocket coating technology, NiGK Corporation started in 1957. NiGK Corporation products have contributed to the successful launch of nearly all rockets for the observation satellite, commercial satellite, science satellite, and the first domestic satellite “OSUMI” in 1970.

NiGK Corporation priming products play an important role in various situations such as igniter for rocket motors, satellite splitting, putting satellites into orbit and capturing satellites. It is mainly used for situations requiring highly accurate missions, such as satellite separation in outer space, antenna expansion, and expansion of solar battery paddles and also demonstrates high reliability.

For mechanical devices, NiGK Corporation has NiGK OCEAN products and Flashover Indicators. OCEAN Group of NiGK Corp., “NiGK OCEAN”, has developed and supplied mechanical units, ocean graphic research equipment, monitoring equipment, and surveillance equipment to be underwater according to customer’s request.

NiGK’s flashover indicators contribute to finding the faulted towers in the quickest, safest, and most accurate way. The indicators can identify the lightning on transmission cables and towers to detect the faults caused by animals and birds as well as by lightning.

In case faults happen, you can find the fault locations by checking the indicator from distance instead of actually climbing up the towers. Additionally, only the towers working badly show the faults sign, so you can find only the faulted towers.

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