The after-sales care of your equipment is as important as the initial purchase. The key to keeping this equipment running reliably and smoothly is a regular maintenance programmed carried out by qualified and industry trained engineers.

We offer a broad range of after-sales services and support, which ensure top quality standards, problem resolution and the ability to establish a high value image. Our expertly trained teams provide service, repairs, calibration, maintenance, training and perform installation & operation qualification.


Your measurement instruments are a valuable investment and so maintaining the accuracy and performance of your equipment is vital, especially if you need to meet any regulations, standards or guidelines.

Regardless of how often you use your instruments, regular calibration is an important part of this and as an authorized agent of your instruments, Hartech Indonesia`s Service Team can provide you with the care and attention that you should demand.
Our fixed price calibration policy gives you a cost effective way to ensure that you are compliant with any regulations and that your equipment is kept in peak condition.

All calibrated instruments are supplied with fully certified and traceable certification. The calibration service can also be supplied for new equipment when ordered.

Our Scope Capability of Calibration:
MetOne Beckman Coulter : Airborne Particle Counter
HIAC Beckman Coulter : Liquid Particle Counter
Merck Millipore : Lab water System, Integrity Test
Clyde Apac : Laminar Flow Cabinet, Biosafety Cabinet, Cytotoxic Cabinet
Wheaton: Roller Apparatus Instrument, CO2 Incubator
VWR SAS : Air Sampler, Isolator Air Sampler, Compressed Gas Air Sampler
Turnaround times of our calibrations are fast and reliable.


Hartech Indonesia unique position in the market place enables us to provide you with, not only an excellent portfolio of equipment and instrumentation, but also reliable Technical Service Department.

Our qualified and manufacturer trained team of technicians and our fully equipped workshop support equipment and instruments purchased from our Principal. We are dedicated to provide excellent technical services and customer care to ensure that all our products are both efficiently and effectively installed and supported throughout their lifetime.

Technical Support

  • Assist you with equipment and instrument break-downs

  • Answer your technical questions regarding installations and warranties, etc.

Our technician will visit you normally within 3 working-days of you contacting us. If you have a service contract, the response will be quicker and will vary according to the contract you have chosen.

Please have the following information available when you call:

  • Brand and model-number

  • Serial number

  • Contract Number (if applicable)

You can contact our Technical Support by calling +62 21 7994307 ext.4302, or emailing


We believe that all equipment, serviced regularly, will give a higher degree of performance and reliability. Such protection can be provided by a service contract which guarantees the end user reassurance and peace of mind at a known cost. We offers you a total package of preventative maintenance contracts for your laboratory equipment.

  • Scheduled checks
  • Fast response times
  • Minimal downtime
  • Automatic discounts on spare parts

Our range of service contracts enable you to design a service package that fits the needs of your laboratory. This means you can choose the level of cover most appropriate to your needs and budget. Whatever your level of cover, your routine maintenance will be carried out at a pre-arranged time and date convenient to you.


Emergency Service Call Outs
With the Hartech Indonesias Service Team you can rely on the efficiency and expertise that comes with experience. In all instances we seek to minimize your downtime and provide a practical, cost effective and timely solution to whatever problem you might experience with your equipment.
Preventative maintenance contract holders are ensured of the best response times but even without a contract you can rely on our service team to respond swiftly.

In-House Repairs
The Hartech Indonesias Service workshop is equipped to cope with most repairs for small lab equipment. In many cases a service technician is expensive due to the call out charges. You can save money by returning any broken equipment to our service workshop.
We will provide you with a quotation within 3 days of receiving the item. If an item is beyond economical repair, we will quote a repair cost and an exchange price for a new item.

On-Site Repairs
We have a team of experienced, factory trained electronic and mechanical engineers who are fully conversant with your instruments and are skilled in maintaining our principal range of equipment.

Hartech Indonesias Principal offers a full line of lab equipment with full manufacturer's warranty.