Welcome to hartechindonesia.com ('Site'). Users are advised to read and understand all of these Terms & Conditions before using and / or accepting the content contained on the Site because it can impact the rights and obligations of Users under the law. By registering and / or using the Site hartechindonesia.com, the User is deemed to have read, understood, understood, agreed to and is subject to all contents in the Terms & Conditions below. These Terms & Conditions are a form of agreement set forth in a valid agreement between the User and PT Hartech Indonesia. If the User does not agree to one and / or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, the User is not allowed to use our site services.


1. The Site is hartechindonesia.com which can be accessed through https://www.hartechindonesia.com.

2. The site is only on hartechindonesia.com that we may own and manage from time to time.

3. Goods are items offered and sold through the Site hartechindonesia.com.

4. In this Agreement what is meant by 'User' is an individual, whether an Indonesian citizen, foreign citizen, or legal entity with the ability to use computers, computer networks and / or other electronic media capable of accessing the Site hartechindonesia.com in accordance with requirements and have created an account name (username) and password (password).

5. Registered User (verified member) is a user who has created an account name (username) and password (password) and has completed all verification procedures and processes on the Site hartechindonesia.com. Registered Users are hereinafter referred to as "Users."


1. PT Hartech Indonesia is officially only present on the Site hartechindonesia.com, all information, official account numbers, telephone numbers, e-mails and others are all listed on the site and only the content on the official site mentioned above can be held accountable for its accuracy. If there are parties acting on behalf of hartechindonesia.com and its subsidiaries and promising gifts, discount prices, goods and / or the form of a shop with similar names and or attributes, we are not responsible for any illegal accidents caused.

2. We will safeguard User personal information and will not share it with any party because our site has been operated using a secure and encrypted database system, so that all User personal information is stored only for our use. We will protect customers' personal information.

3. All information about the product and the warranty period follows the Invoice. To apply for a user guarantee bill, please visit http://www.hartechindonesia.com/refundpolicy.

4. If in certain circumstances, there is an error in the price of a product caused by a typing error (typo) or a price error and information from the supplier, then Hartechindonesia has the right to reject and / or cancel any orders that use the wrong price paid by the User.

5. We are not responsible for any misuse of goods that have been purchased. All use of goods that are not correct or not in accordance with the law, benefits, norms, and the applicable laws are the responsibility of the buyer from receiving the goods in question. Losses incurred are the responsibility of the User himself.

6. We are not responsible for any User transactions on behalf of PT Hartech Indonesia and / or hartechindonesia.com outside of our site without the permission and knowledge of hartechindonesia.com. Users who violate this provision will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

7. If the User is proven to be on behalf of himself as a representative of hartechindonesia.com for commercial purposes without the knowledge and permission of hartechindonesia.com, then every transaction that is still running on hartechindonesia.com will be quarantined (on hold) and each transaction will be declared forfeited and the funds that have been sent to us will not be refunded to users and fully belong to hartechindonesia.com.

8. Each User is deemed to have read, known, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions on our site, and the User has also read, recognized and understood any risks arising from the use of the products he purchased, especially for products that have risk of use. Hereby, Users knowingly and without coercion from any party to release us PT Hartech Indonesia and / or hartechindonesia.com from all civil and criminal lawsuits for the purchase of any product on the Site hartechindonesia.com.


1. In order for the User to make transactions and / or make Orders, the User must help the Account on the site. Users need to enter correct and accurate information. Users also need to ensure that User information is current and inform us of changes by using the features on the site. Users are prohibited from abusing the site by creating multiple user accounts.

2. Users are required to transact through procedures set by hartechindonesia.com, Users make payments using payment methods that have been previously selected by the User, every transaction of goods that have been purchased and paid in full cannot be exchanged and / or returned.

3. Every transaction made by the User will be processed in Rupiah currency (IDR).

4. Each price listed is the Jakarta Franko price, if there is damage and submission of a warranty claim must be sent to our shop address and all shipping costs for warranty claims for each transaction of goods are fully borne by the User.

5. The unique transfer code listed is to make it easier for our system to check fund transactions. Make sure the unique code that is transferred is as stated on the invoice to avoid things that are not desired. If objected, the User has the right to ignore the unique code and pay only the principal amount. When only paying the principal amount, the payment must be confirmed again to our sales so that it can be identified manually.

6. The invoice will only reserve goods if the payment of the invoice has been verified by us, so that if the User has not made a payment on the invoice, the price is not binding and the price can change at any time, and the invoice issued by hartechindonesia.com is only valid for 1 x 24 hours since the note was issued.

7. If the invoice is past the validity period since the note was issued, we recommend reconfirming with our sales if the User intends to pay off the invoice, because we cannot guarantee a change in price and availability of goods.

8. If the User has made a payment, the User is deemed to have agreed to the nominal payment and all other fees stated on the invoice.

9. If the added weight of an item is not round (in decimal units) then rounding up (for example: 1.1 kg (one point one kilogram) will be rounded to 2 kg (two kilogram).

10. Users who have paid the invoice that we issue, if the price reduction occurs for the item, the User cannot sue hartechindonesia.com for a refund of the difference in price of the item.

11. Users can choose a payment method with the option of Transfer via bank.

12. Payment via bank transfer where the confirmation has passed the 5th (fifth) day of the transaction at the bank, must be accompanied by proof of transfer sent by the User to the e-mail hartechindonesia.com so that we can process and validate the payment. In this case hartechindonesia.com reserves the right to refuse confirmation of User payment that is not accompanied by proof of transfer.


1. We will send the Goods that the User ordered after receiving confirmation of payment and the full amount of payment associated with the Order in a timely manner and in accordance with the total amount of payment stated in the Order.

2. We will send Goods to Users to the delivery address as stated in the Order. Estimated delivery times can be seen at checkout of your Order. The estimated delivery time can be updated in the Order confirmation.

3. We will try to make the logistics courier partner hartechindonesia.com deliver goods to arrive according to the estimated time that has been informed, but it is hereby understood and agreed that the estimated delivery time depends on the region and destination of delivery and the scheduling of the hartechindonesia.com logistics courier partner. The hartechindonesia.com is not responsible for any losses, liabilities, damage costs or other costs arising from late delivery of goods.

4. All forms of complaints or claims for the delivery of Goods are the sole responsibility of the logistics courier partner who works with hartechindonesia.com. The hartechindonesia.com will try to facilitate you with logistics courier partners who work with hartechindonesia.com and in connection with this, the User hereby agrees to release hartechindonesia.com from all forms of claims, compensation, lawsuits, demands and / or losses that you suffering or natural or from all costs or costs incurred by the User arising out of or in connection with the delivery of the Goods.

5. After or at the time of delivery of the Goods, the User may be asked to sign proof of delivery and in such case the User is obliged to sign the proof of delivery. Users can contact hartechindonesia.com sales if there is an error, defect or damage to the Goods. The User must be able to show documentation video of unboxing Items User Received.

6. Please note that it is possible that the hartechindonesia.com logistics courier partner cannot or does not succeed in delivering goods to several locations for certain reasons, in which conditions hartechindonesia.com will inform the User, using the contact details that you provide to hartechindonesia.com at the time of placing an Order, to arrange delivery to an alternative delivery address or to cancel the Order.

7. We deliver goods in packaging in accordance with applicable packaging standards at hartechindonesia.com.

8. All risks of the Goods will transfer to the User after the Goods are delivered to the address listed in the Order or to another address specified by the User. On the date or time that the risk of the Goods transferred to the User as mentioned above, hartechindonesia.com has no responsibility in any form for the Goods, including for the loss or damage of the Goods. The hartechindonesia.com reserves the right to prohibit or limit the next order that you make or do in the future if the User violates the obligations in the previous order or the Terms and Conditions.

9. If the User does not receive delivery of the Goods, re-delivery will be carried out in accordance with the applicable provisions of the hartechindonesia.com logistics courier partner.

10. If the delivery or collection of goods is delayed due to rejection by the User for any reason (within two weeks of the first attempt by the hartechindonesia.com logistics courier partner to deliver goods to the User) receives goods delivery or takes goods from the hartechindonesia.com logistics courier partner, then We reserve the right to, without affecting other rights available to or owned by hartechindonesia.com, do one of the following actions:

Charging fees to users for the costs hartechindonesia.com incurred; and / or not sending goods or not providing goods for users to take and notify you of the current order, where in this case hartechindonesia.com will return the amount of money that has been received from the user as stated in the order, less administrative costs including fees trial of delivery, return, and storage of Goods, and costs arising therefrom.