Rigid IBC Form-Fit Liquid Liners : Bulk Packaging Solutions

The food and beverage industry plays an important role in the economic growth of a country. This industry will never die because everyone needs food and drink in their life. In fact, every day there are always new things that occur in this industrial sector.

The food and beverage industry sector is growing rapidly because this sector operates not only locally but also globally. The export-import traffic in this sector is also quite busy and dense. Because of this, the production process for distribution of food and beverage products is carried out strictly.

Especially in the case of packaging products, when the product wants to be distributed both locally and globally, all food and beverage ingredients producers and processors will try to provide their best quality. They do not want a problem or complaint from the recipient, for example, there is damage, defects, or leaks from their product packaging.

Until now, some of these problems are still found, such as damaged packaging due to poor quality containers, or leaks in packages containing liquid food and beverage ingredients such as sauces, liquid spices, dairy products, syrups and many more. ILC Dover's Rigid IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) Form-Fit Liquid Liners helps to answer these matters, especially for liquid food and beverage ingredients.

Rigid IBC is shaped like a box or tote, Rigid IBC is Injection and structural foam moulded containers with compact, collapsible and designed to handle both fluid and dry products. It provides maximum product protection, hygiene and efficiency. Meanwhile, Form-Fit Liquid Liners is a bag for liquid bulk materials of IBC. It is designed to closely match the interior dimensions of the IBC without creating any folds, creases or gussets trap material during filling or dispensing.

Some of the benefits that you might get from the Rigid IBC Form-Fit Liquid Liners are :

- Cost effective alternative to other types of bulk container alternatives

- Require much less space than any other bulk container alternatives

- Can be reused

- Don't need much laborers during the process of filling and dispensing the liquids

- The liquids can be held up to 315 gallons

- Secure locks of the lid on IBC

- Protect the products with a sanitary environment during shipping and storage

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