Everything you Need to Know About Texwipe’s Sterile Alpha® Knit Polyester Swab Series

Maybe many people only know that a swab is a test that is done to find out whether a person has been affected by the corona virus or not. Usually the swab test uses a cotton stick with a special design. However, did you know that a swab is a tool that can be used for environmental sampling a cleanroom too.

The swab tool in the form of a special cotton stick turned out to be not only useful for taking samples in human samples in detecting the presence of the corona virus but it could also be used to detect a cleanroom. Are the shape and form of the swab tool different from the one used to detect corona? The answer is that some are the same and some aren't and of course each one of them have different functions.

Texwipe is a company that provides products focused on contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products. Among the many products that Texwipe has, one of them is Cleanroom Swabs. Texwipe Cleanroom Swabs are designed for superior cleanliness and consistency for a variety of applications.

Texwipe provides swab products that can be applied to many samples such as environmental sampling and can be used to test for different surface contaminants such as organic compounds, inorganic elements and compounds and microbial contamination.

Texwipe Cleanroom Swabs are made using a complete thermal bond with an adhesive that eliminates contamination. Not only that, Texwipe's swabs are also produced using high-precision automated processes code to produce swabs that have the correct and consistent level of correctness and tolerance as well as good traceability code and quality control.

This Cleanroom Swabs product has many categories such as Sterile Swabs, Sterile Dry Collection and Transport System, Non-Sterile Polyester, Non-Sterile Clean Foam, ESD-Safe, Non-Sterile Cotton, Cleaning Validation Swabs, Cleaning Validation Kits, General Purpose, and Specialty Swabs.

One of Texwipe's Cleanroom Swabs Products is Alpha Knit Polyester Series from the sterile Swab category. Alpha Knit Polyester Swab Series is made from 100% knit polyester material and very compatible with a variety of solvents and disinfectants. It contains 3 types that are a Sterile Alpha Knit Polyester Swab with Rectangular Head, Long Handle, and Micro.

These 3 types of Sterile Alpha Knit Polyester Swab can be used for monitoring the environment, cleaning the environment with compatible solutions and solvents, can lift up a fine powder, sampling the surface, and collecting and transporting the bacteriological specimens.

The micro swab has the speciality to use it for small cracks, grooves, and tight spaces in a sterile environment while long handle swab is very good to reach a hard site in a tight space and has a good absorbency for sampling. And as for the rectangular head swab is used for cleaning broad surfaces and flat areas.

Texwipe highly recommended the rectangular swab for sampling a surface with good cleaning validation work, because the cleanliness levels provided by the rectangular swab give a neutral result in the background for the sample obtained. Rectangular Swab type is an ideal choice for everybody to control cleaning and sampling a larger area.

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