Simco-Ion, Electrostatic Control Solutions

Simco-Ion is the world leader in static control and also the world's largest manufacturer of static control systems and components. Simco-Ion has provided solutions to electrostatic problems in various industries since 1936. The comprehensive Simco-Ion product line took years of research, engineering, and field experience. So, you can be sure and confident to receive maximum performance and reliability from them.

For more than 70 years, Simco-Ion has built a reputation for serving customer needs. The goal of Simco-Ion is to help you improve operations and control costs, reduce yield losses and improve quality. 

Simco-Ion approaches every situation with a sincere attempt to understand the unique needs of the customer and develop innovative solutions. This successful approach continues to provide Simco-Ion businesses with an excellent OEM and end-user customer worldwide.

In serving the technology market and its applications, Simco-Ion's innovative and comprehensive product line designed by ISO, consists of benchtop and overhead ionizing blowers, emission chamber systems, ionizing rods, air guns and nozzles, electrostatic sensing, process environmental monitoring instruments (Novex ESD monitors), and instrumentation. As the world leader in static control, Simco-Ion welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

Some of the advantages of using Simco-Ion, such as: 

  • Superior technical and application expertise.
  • 24 hours stock delivery.
  • Worldwide support (US, China, Netherlands, Japan).
  • Ongoing commitment to product development.
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