DAIHAN Scientific Provides High Quality Lab & Medical Instrument Manufacture

Surely, we have heard the term Beaker, a Beaker is a cylindrical measuring glass. The beaker has a flat bottom surface and the top has a small spout which is usually used to pour chemicals that will be measured and tested for experimentation.

This glass has a variety of volume measurements millimeter and liter, for example, from 1ml to several liters. This glass material is made from glass which is resistant to heat so it is safe to use chemicals that have hot temperatures. The small spout at the top of the glass prevents the glass from being closed tightly and only certain lids such as watch glasses or large glasses that have been upside down can be used to cover the beaker glass to prevent contamination or loss of contents / substances.

DAIHAN Scientific is a South Korea company that provides high-quality lab & medical instruments manufacturing and wholesaling for the improvement in the quality of human life, and contribution to the advancement of science and technology. DAIHAN Scientific provides products in categories such as lab equipment, analysis, glassware, plasticware, lab consumables, life sciences, and many more.

In the glassware product category, the company sells beakers with a variety of volume measurements that we can choose, especially for people who have jobs related to science and technology. There are quite a lot of beaker products provided by DAIHAN Scientific and have their own advantages such as:

- Beaker with hi-grade impact resistant, max-thickness & heavy-wall, has a volume measurement from 100-20.000ml

- Beaker with hi-grade batch-certificated standard, made from borosilicate-glass 3.3 with standard low form, volume measurement 5-10.000ml and ideal for heating & general use

- Beaker with hi-grade batch-certified super-duty, has a reinforced rim and volume measurement 150-5.000ml, 25% heavier than standard and ideal for heat & impact resistance, autoclavable

- Beaker with heavy-wall and double capacity scale and reinforced rim & spot with volume measurement 250-4.000ml

- Beaker for tablet disintegration machine and graduation, without spot, volume measurement 1.000ml

- Beaker with hi-grade conical, Philips form, with spout but without graduation

- Beakers with white graduations and marking spot and volume measurement 50-10.000ml

From these advantages of several types of beakers offered by DAIHAN Scientific, we can see that they provide beakers made of borosilicate with various volume measurements, some even up to 20.000ml and of course already certified.

If you are interested and need this beaker tool for your work and experiments, kindly contact and request a quotation to us.

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