The Importance of Reagents for Detecting Covid-19

The re-occurrence of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia at this time has caused several cities to re-treat restrictions on outdoor activities to be strict. According to the data obtained based on, it is stated that every day there will always be new Covid-19 patients, and based on statistical data obtained from too, at least there have been more than 2 million Indonesian people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

In the midst of the increasing number of positive people in Indonesia, in several countries such as the United States, the European Union, and several other countries, their cases have actually decreased. This is because some of these countries have started to promote regulations for vaccination. They also give freedom for anyone who has been vaccinated, will be allowed to be free not to wear a mask.

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo even said that he would target at least 1 million people to be vaccinated every day, and will increase this to 2 million every day by August. This was stated in the hope that Indonesia could start to return to normal again, and he also said that the vaccine is Indonesia's only hope to get out of this Covid-19 pandemic.

The Results If the Vaccination Process is Not Spread Quickly

If many Indonesians don't want to be vaccinated, surely Indonesia will be in a difficult situation and will take a long time to return to being normal and free from the Covid-19 pandemic. One thing to be noted is that with vaccination, we can reduce the increase of the numbers of corona patients.

Although it does not guarantee a reduction in corona positive patients, at least with vaccination, we can build a strong immunity to fight against this virus. And what is more important is to help the work of health workers who have continuously worked for the first time Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia.

One thing that needs to be considered again is the availability of medical facilities and equipment in handling Covid-19. Some cases, such as the shortage of patient storage beds and equipment such as oxygen cylinders, reagent fluids, etc. will make it difficult for Indonesia to deal with this coronavirus. The more positive patients, the more limited number of facilities and tools to handle them will be.

The Result of Limited Number of Reagent Fluid could be a Fatal problem

One of the vital things in handling Covid-19 is reagent fluid. This liquid is usually used as a Covid-19 detection tool when you do a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test. The limited amount of reagent liquid availability will make the process of testing PCR swab samples not optimal.

Last time, several regions in Indonesia experienced a limited amount of this liquid, this caused a fatal thing, the corona virus detection and testing had to be stopped because the reagent liquid bottles were reduced and there was no more supply.

Reported by CNN Indonesia, the Head of the LIPI's Applied Genetic Engineering and Protein Design Laboratory, Wien Kusharyoto said that the reagent was very important and needed as a solution to keep the virus or Ribonucleic acid (RNA) genome from the Covid-19 virus intact on the PCR swab samples carried out. In addition, the availability of reagent kits can facilitate the separation of storage between the Covid-19 virus RNA and other viruses in the PCR swab samples taken.

Reagent Availabilities Solution for Indonesia

Although until now Indonesia has not been able to produce reagent fluids and reagent kits optimally due to the limitations of their technology. Indonesia has many distributors of medical and laboratory equipment that can be trusted and guaranteed quality.

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