Sterilization Indicator Card, Helps to Control Chemical Contamination Elimination Process

A sterilization indicator card is a tool that is used to carry out the process of eliminating chemical contamination by using hot steam. The use of sterilization indicator cards aims to eliminate confusion and provide an overview of the results and the possibility of instruments that are not fully sterile, the use of indicator cards must be carried out routinely in clinical environments such as laboratories or places that have a high level of chemical contamination.

The sterilization indicator card is one of the chemical indicators. Chemical indicators can be in the form of tape, ampule, stick, ribbon, or card. This indicator works by utilizing hot steam, the hot steam will later cause a color change on the chemical indicator. Usually, the color that appears before and after sterilizing will change in certain parts of the indicator, but if there is no color change or color changes in certain parts only occur in a small area, then the results are considered invalid / fail.

Choose the Right Sterilization Indicator Card for Your Sterilization Process

Chemical indicators have various types and shapes such as tape, stick, ribbon, or card. Chemical indicators in the form of cards are the most widely used in the sterilization process. To carry out sterilization, we need a sterilization indicator card with high quality and can provide comprehensive results. Type6 indicator card series is a sterilization monitoring card from NiGK Corporation. This card is designed to react to all the critical parameters of the steam sterilization cycle. This card also features SVs that can accurately measure with the special sterilizer called “CIER”.

The following is the main features of NiGK Corporation’s sterilization indicator card type6 series:

  • An extensive lineup from 134℃ to 135℃ for the prion cycle.
  • Ideal for use in autoclaves.
  • Compatible with ISO11140-1 compliance and claimed to be the most accurate chemical indicator for the sterilization process.
  • Has reference color to help you to interpret the output results.
  • The indicator surface is laminated to prevent chemical or other contamination on and from instruments.
  • The indicator is sandwiched between films to prevent bleeding of indicator ink.
  • “Speckle color change” or “change in certain areas” for easier interpretation of results.
  • Clear-cut color change.
  • User-friendly small size.
  • It has a lot of numbers printed on each piece, to help make it easier to read and conclude the results.
  • Designed and manufactured in Japan.
  • Thorough quality control with a specially designed “CIER” resistometer.

If you are interested, please visit our website, We are appointed as a trusted distributor agent partner for NiGK Corporation in Indonesia. We provide you sterilization indicator card products that can help with the sterilization process needs of your laboratory equipment or workplace. Our sterilization indicator card will help and control chemical contamination elimination with full process and clear results. Contact us or request a quotation for more information.

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