The LFC60 Fume Cabinet to Maintain The Safety of Workers and Laboratory Equipment

What is a Fume Cabinet? It may sound unfamiliar, this is a fume hood designed to make it easier to reduce and eliminate exposure to dangerous and toxic gases, vapor and dust in the laboratory. Fume cabinets or also known as fume hoods have a function to maintain the safety of workers, and experimental or research materials and other equipment inside laboratories.

With the fume cabinet, workers will not breathe in the exposure to dirt and toxic gases that can endanger their lives while the research process is being carried out in the laboratory. In addition, the fume cabinet also functions to be able to transfer acidic chemicals to chemical reaction sites where volatile materials are available, besides that, the fume cabinet can also be used as a storage area for acidic chemicals that have high levels.

The LFC60 Fume Cabinet by Clyde Apac is one of many manufacturers that produces and distributes this laboratory equipment. The LFC60 Fume Cabinet has several advantages, such as:

- The capture of fumes is achieved by inward airflow at a velocity of >0.5m/s and carbon filtration of exhaust air

- The upper housing contains the main switch, low-airflow alarm, speed control and carbon filter

- Cabinets are supplied with an open base and can be positioned over an existing utility like a sink or be placed directly onto a flat bench

- An optional work tray, manufactured from polypropylene, is available if the containment of spills is required

- The standard activated-carbon filter is suitable for use with a wide range of common laboratory fumes

This Fume Cabinet has a dimension such as: Width (600mm), Depth (580mm), Overall height (800mm), Working height (500mm) and Work area (580 x 520).

You can check the specifications of this product on the official website of Clyde Apac at If you are interested, please contact and visit to Clyde Apac on their website or if you live in Indonesia and are interested in buying this product to meet the needs of the laboratory where you work, contact Hartech Indonesia as an agent distributor for laboratory equipment and consumables from many reputable manufacturers such as Clyde Apac on our website.

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