The Reason BiOZEEN is Superior in The Biopharmaceutical Industry

Bangalore Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd. with the trade name BiOZEEN, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, technology-focused, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical services company that provides production support, process support, and people support.

BiOZEEN focuses on making pharmaceuticals and biotherapeutics industries ranging from MAB to vaccines, insulin, plasma, enzymes and APIs, and also other things that can make and support the production life cycle to be better, simple, and comprehensive. BiOZEEN’s activities practically touch every unit operation of the biopharmaceutical value chain, and already being an expert in its field.

Here are some reasons why BiOZEEN’s products and services are superior in biopharmaceutical fields and industries:

The Equipment’s Design and Build

The equipment’s design and build of BiOZEEN that can provides and delivers the customized option, process targeted, regulatory and compliance meets and needs, and also a capital efficient bioprocess equipment, such as bioreactors, fermenters, even the upstream to downstream equipment for laboratory or certain industry’s needs.

The Training Service

At BiOZEEN, the team will educate by giving a training service for the simulation of bio-facility with hands-on practical experienced team that imparts experience through not only theory but also implication. BiOZEEN also provides course modules to help the industry reduce the rejects and increase the yield of operations.

The Values added Integration Services

BiOZEEN products and services integrated the processes, engineering, automations, and facility design with regulatory expertise to support each phase of the project life cycle.

The proven excellences make BiOZEEN being recognized to the government of India and also internationally. BiOZEEN is claimed to be an in-house R&D facility by the India government because BiOZEEN also contributes and employs many people in the fields of microbiologists, bio-technologists, process engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical, also instrumentation and software engineers with diverse experience and expertise who can constantly strive to provide and deliver solutions that make BiOZEEN is really different and superior in the biopharmaceutical industry and to the other biopharmaceutical companies.

For more and complete information visit If you are in Indonesia and are interested in buying the products, you can contact Hartech at for more details regarding the product information and price details, we are appointed as authorized agent for life science, laboratory equipment and consumables products from BiOZEEN to distribute its superior products throughout Indonesia. We are not only providing a reliable product, but we also provide after sales service support with a highly trained service engineer team. We promise and hope to provide the best choice products and serve you wholeheartedly.

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