8 Types and Shapes of Pipettes

The pipette is one of the important laboratory tools in the form of a small tube that can accommodate and transfer liquid from one container to another with a measured volume. In the past, maybe the pipette was designed in a simple way, but as science and technology developed, the design of the pipette began to develop too.

The development of pipettes means that this tool now has various types and sizes as well as purposes with different levels of volume, accuracy and precision. The most important accessory of the pipette is pipette tips, why is it important? The liquid that we used to contain on the pipette will be moved to the inside of the pipette tip to dispose so that we're not gonna put liquids inside our pipette.

Types and Shapes of Pipettes

1. Volumetric Pipette

Sometimes it is also called a bulb pipette because of its bulb-like shape. Made of rubber, the way this type of pipette works is by squeezing it to create a vacuum. The volumetric pipette has a precision up to four significant digits. However, this type is limited to the particular amount calibrated and cannot accurately measure liquid amount less than their specified capacity.

2. Measuring Pipette

This type of pipette can bring out different volumes and have a scaled volume. Has a cylinder shape, and is very accurate for measuring and arranging the amount of necessary liquid.

3. Micropipette

Micropipette has a good accuracy and precision in measuring and transferring volume of liquid in microliter units. Micropipette is a spring load instrument and require calibration every few months both from the manufacturer and by weighing process into water at a specified temperature.

4. Pasteur Pipette

Also known as droppers or eye droppers, made from glass or plastic and can only hold and transfer a small amount of liquid. Have a separate bulb and cannot measure certain volumes accurately.

5. Transfer Pipette

Transfer pipette has a shape similar to Pasteur pipette. Have a bulb too, but the bulb is not separate. The bulb may contain some liquid, so when we squeezed the bulb it will create a vacuum and the liquid can drawn-out.

6. Serological Pipette

This pipette is long-shape and have graduation extending all the way to its tip.

7. Mohr Pipette

Similar to Serological pipette because the shape is similar to the Serological pipette but the graduations do not extend all the way to its tip.

8. Dispensable Pipette

Many of them are made from plastic and are usually intended to be used for medical requirements such as giving medication into the eyes or ears of patients.

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