Guide to Bioreactor

What is a bioreactor? The bioreactor is a tool that is able to provide and maintain an ideal environment. In this case, the ideal environment is described as a biological environment which is able to support biochemical reactions from raw to the desired / finished materials.

Or in another meaning, it is a tool that is able to provide an ideal environment for organisms, such as yeast, bacteria, or animal cells to be able to reproduce in a focused and controlled manner. To create an ideal biological environment, the bioreactor operators must maintain a balance of pH, temperature, also ensure the adequate gas supply and nutrition inside the bioreactor, all of these things must be done by the operator, so the organism's breeding process can be continued and preserved to grow well, optimally, and successfully.

What these operators do is important and require things to maintain bioreactors' lives. It's the similar situation with laboratory workers, when dealing with cell research, these workers must maintain and ensure the consistency of cell proliferation / growth, like ensuring that the room temperature inside is not too hot or too cold, ensuring and maintain the food / nutrients to cells, and always provide sufficient fresh air in the cell room.

In the health industry, bioreactors can be used to help produce medicines, vaccines, and antibodies. Bioreactor is a tool that is widely used to help carry out the production process, from raw materials into secondary products, like doing the bio-converting corn into ethanol.

Bioreactors are generally found in the form of cylinders, ranging in size from liters to meters, and are made of stainless steel. The bioreactor works by continuously doing the stirring process, thus creating a homogeneous environment around it. The process contained in the bioreactor can be either aerobic or anaerobic.

Bioreactors by BiOZEEN

BiOZEEN produces bioreactors made of stainless steel which have also been adapted to the needs for the cultivation of animal cell culture processes. The components in BiOZEEN’s bioreactor have been adapted and recognized by international industry standards, making it easy to integrate into any industrial facility. This bioreactor design has a uniqueness that different from other bioreactor tools:

  1. Minimum space requirement.
  2. Optimized bioreactor design.
  3. Range 5-1000 liters (customizable to user requirements. 
  4. Skid-mounted structure. 
  5. Mechanical / magnetic low shear agitator (top / bottom mounted).
  6. Gas mixing station. 
  7. Flexibility in bioreactor configuration to meet the budgets. 
  8. Design conforms to ASME BPE and GAMP 5 guidelines.
  9. Material of construction consists of: parts in contact with the media SS 316 L and Internal surface Ra > = 0.4 electro polished.
  10. Single / double mechanical seal. 
  11. Designed for easy access during operation and routine maintenance. 
  12. PLC control system with HMI or SCADA.
  13. Configurable control loops. 
  14. Safety features to protect the batch in case of any component failure.

If you are interested, please visit to obtain more information. If you are in Indonesia, you can contact Hartech Indonesia at for more details regarding the product information.

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