Improving your Dry Food Products Solution with Bulk Container Liner

Dry food manufacturers are one of the industries whose production and distribution processes require good and strict handling. One example of a common problem with dry food ingredients is the process of filling, transferring and dispensing. These processes still often experience difficulties, either because the containers used are poor quality so they often leak or cannot accommodate the ingredients in large quantities.

As we know, dry ingredients are one of the ingredients that are very difficult to deal with if there are any failures and defects in the production and distribution process, because if it occurs, it will not only cost manufacturers but will also harm the time and energy of the workers, and it will even have an effect on their safety.

Many manufacturers definitely want the safety of their workers and their products to be guaranteed. Manufacturers want certainty for the protection and use of their products without spending a lot of money and can provide and increase the benefits of their dry food products.

ILC Dover offers a dry food products solution with its efficient and reliable bulk container liners that are already trusted and recognized by food ingredient producers, contract packagers and food processors industry-wide to deliver their dry food products safely. Bulk container liners from ILC Dover are not only available to handle dry ingredients, but can also handle liquid ingredients.

Bulk container liner for dry ingredients paired with FIBCs, a large woven polypropylene bag design for storing and transporting dry flowable bulk products, and also a drum. This bulk container liner is useful for bulk processing in-house or to more economically ship dry products to food processors and contract packagers safely by protecting the product packed from contamination during processing, storage, and transportation. The container liner can also be custom designed for specific applications so that they optimize the filling and dispensing operations.

Bulk Container Liner Applications

  • Dry Mixes
  • Spices
  • Sugar & Confectionery
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Nuts & Grains
  • Coffee

Available in 3 Models

  • Form-Fit Liner: For dry bulk materials and are custom designed to fit the dimensions of the FIBCs providing maximum filling and dispensing efficiency through complete discharging of your product. Unlike a basic tube liner, form-fit liners offer a flat top and bottom and incorporate spout diameter and length to fill and discharge.
  • Foil Liner: For hygroscopic dry bulk materials. It is constructed from aluminum foil and form-fit foil liners that offer an impermeable barrier providing the highest level of ideal protection from oxygen, moisture and UV.
  • Drum Liner: Designed for use with steel, plastic or fiber drums, liners ensure the dry food products stay pure and contamination free. The drum liners are manufactured using engineered polyethylene film structures to provide durability, consistency and performance.

The Benefits of Bulk Container Liner from ILC Dover

  • Faster fills and dispenses process.
  • Lowers freight and warehousing costs by using space better.
  • Reduces or eliminates container cleaning costs.
  • Uses less material for lower waste disposal costs.
  • Enhances safety in a stable, stackable package, making the products appear in a square and uniform shape.
  • Unusually shaped containers equipped with special valves or attachments.
  • Has no folds or pleats to trap material.
  • Custom unique film structures and can produce bag-on-roll liners up to 48" with fully automated equipment.

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