TOGA® Puri Intelligent a Laboratory Toxic Gas Purification Technology

TOGA Puri Intelligent is a tool that can help us to clean, filter and remove harmful gases or toxic gases generated in laboratories to protect every worker or researcher to breathe clean air safely inside the laboratory. TOGA Puri Intelligent has two types, i.e. the standing type and the portable type, these two types are equipped with TOGA filter technology.

Why do we use TOGA Puri Intelligent as the choice tool for filtering laboratory rooms? Aren't there many other air purifiers that we can use? Even when we are indoors, we sometimes use an air purifier to filter the air in our house.

Well, the air in the room between the house and the laboratory is very different. If at home, we have to be careful with air containing bacteria, foul odors, and fine dust, then our level of awareness with the air in the laboratory must be higher, because in the laboratory there will be air that is more dangerous affected to human's life, such as toxic gases, acidic & basic gases, organic compounds, etc.

Air purification tools used for house and laboratory also have different functions, such as differences in quantity of activated carbon, in air volume / room coverage and lastly, in toxic gas test items.

TOGA Puri Intelligent is equipped with Toga toxic gas purification filter technology, which already has US Patent, Korean Patent, and Chinese Patent. With a filter that uses triple action technology, this tool is able to eliminate all problems in the laboratory such as toxic gases and foul odors with a combination of physical absorption, chemical reactions, and neutralization reactions. Other advantages of this tool such as:

- Toxic gas removal by removal percentage up to 90%

- Minimize risk of contamination from filter saturation

- Made from no ozone or harmful substances

- No need to worry about tool breakdowns, because this tool works at high efficiency, longer, which makes us require less frequent tool replacement

- This tool is designed to prevent pollution with long-lasting energy, making this tool very convenient to use

This tool is also suitable for every laboratory used, such as chemical laboratories, science laboratories which use a lot of various chemical substances, and gas pipes found that contain chemical substances.

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