TOGA Intelligent Laboratory Table, Laboratory Management Solution

GT SCIENs launches its evolution of laboratory table products featuring an advanced and smart safe system called TOGA Intelligent Laboratory Table. This table is an integrated lab EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) solution that combines TOGA toxic gas filtration technology, air quality monitoring technology, IoT management technology and filtered chemical storage technology.

TOGA Intelligent Laboratory Table is designed to provide and deliver the user or laboratory personnel an integrated laboratory management solution automatically that will satisfy and fulfil the safety and environmental regulations, and combines various safety and convenience features to improve the everyday lab experience. This laboratory table is also equipped with a system feature that can deliver an integrated laboratory management and information sharing services among GT SCIENs Products.

The Features:

Tabletop Reagent Store

  • Can store chemicals and samples to be used safely and comfortably, with a large storage capacity.
  • Has two different colors of reagent storage cabinet doors on the top to safely differentiate between stored reagents.

Air Quality Sensors

Ensure a safe laboratory environment by monitoring air quality and providing alarm notifications if the air quality falls below safe levels.

Toxic Gas Purifier

  • Immediately remove toxic gases while working with chemicals on the table.
  • Built directly into the table for more efficient space utilization.

An adjustable sinks and portable cabinets are available upon user requests.

The Benefits

  1. Wide workspace.
  2. Convenient flow and excellent space utilization.
  3. Anti-spill table structure.
  4. Monitor and manage laboratory air quality in real-time.
  5. User-friendly interface provided via mobile and PC applications.
  6. Boost operational efficiency by sharing lab notices, manuals, and other important safety information instantly.
  7. Featured with RFID-tag technology that can instantly look up safety data information on the reagents without the hassle of going through and organizing paper documents.

If you are interested in buying TOGA Intelligent Laboratory Table, please visit and contact for more information regarding the product detail description and the prices. Hartech is a distributor agent for GT SCIEN in Indonesia and many other reputable and trustworthy brands partners. Hartech Indonesia will provide and support your laboratory or workplace equipment needs and meet your work problem solutions.

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