PK7400, Providing Donor Testing and Blood Banking Solutions

The PK7400 is a blood banking analyzer made by Beckman Coulter with an automated microplate system basis that can assist in delivering and providing high-quality industrial throughput results and improving workflow efficiency through fully automated batch-test functionality.

The PK7400 is the latest and updated version of The PK7300, by using the PK7400 you can easily perform an optimal blood analysis and testing, because it has been equipped with agglutination technology and additional menu features to carry out more complete control of blood tests and easy to conclude the output results. In other words, the technology system is more comprehensive than the previous one.

This tool is equipped with the most sophisticated software system that is adapted to the needs and desires of the times, thus providing convenience and maximizing your working time, but will not reduce productivity and the quality of performance and results reporting. Maintenance of the PK7400 is also relatively simple and not difficult, so you don't have to worry about wasted energy, time, and money to maintain and control the longevity of this tool.

Here is some additional information about the PK7400:

The PK7400 automated blood banking analyzer delivers unmatched throughput

  • Analyze up to 300 samples per hour for rapid processing of large sample volumes with 5 diluted sample cups.
  • Test multiple assays per batch and up to 16 reagent bottles can be loaded.
  • Rack capability up to 12 racks for 120 samples.

Simple to use for blood donor testing analysis

  • Reduce training time and optimize operator time with user-friendly software (Microsoft windows 10 system), featuring customizable menus and color-coded icons.
  • Reduce operator hands-on time by removing quarterly and annual maintenance.
  • Gain efficiency by improving visibility into reagent use and accessibility to online maintenance through an enhanced graphical user interface.
  • Save time and streamline workflow using a programmable, fully automated startup mode.
  • Store and search test results easily with onboard data management capabilities, and storage image capacities up to 8000 images samples.
  • Enhance uptime with PROService remote service application.

The PK 7400 blood banking testing analyzer provides a productive and confidence work life

  • Strengthen confidence in results with time-proven agglutination technology.
  • Simplify operation using one manual barcode scanner with multipurpose use.
  • A readily available status light indicator allows the operator to view status from a distance.
  • Optimize plate and data review with side-by-side viewing of microplate well images and channel results.
  • Enhance online review of images with next-generation camera technology.

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