BioSaliva Uses The Gargling Method In Its Sampling

As we already know, currently, PT Biofarma and Nusantics have launched a virus detection product for Covid-19, called BioSaliva. Biosaliva uses the gargling method on its sampling, and has been officially approved for distribution by the Ministry of Health on April 1st, 2021.

If you are interested in using the gargling method to help detect the coronavirus, you should first learn about the test using bio-saliva. So, when you use it you are not confused and will get an accurate result and also can be run optimally. In addition, you also need to know what the components are used when you are in the process of using it.

Before we get into the components of bio-saliva and how to use it, you need to know in advance the benefits of BioSaliva:

- The sampling is very simple, easy, and convenient

- The sampling process can be done independently. and there is the ability to take samples from a large number of people without the help from medical equipment and personnel

- An affordable price

- The product has a shelf life of 30 days at room temperatures

- The length of time for sampling to get results is only 1 hour and it is very easy to distribute it to the public, because the tool is also very simple to use

After knowing the benefits of bio-saliva, you are ready and confident to use this Covid-19 test method, here are 3 practical components that bio-saliva products have:

- The tube for mixing solutions. This tube contains a liquid that can carry out the mixing process with the results from the rinse water. The cap and the label of the tube are red

- The mouthwash tube. We use the liquid in this tube during the gargling process. The cap and the label of the tube are blue

- And lastly is the blue funnel

The three components of the bio-saliva product will be provided and obtained when you buy this product. Then, how do you use it when you already bought it? Here are the steps for using the bio-saliva product which are said to be very simple and won't make you hurt:

- Take a deep breath

- Remove phlegm in the throat by coughing hard

- Then rinse your mouth using the liquid from the blue mouthwash tube that has been provided. Gargle for 10-15 seconds, and make sure the mouthwash reaches your throat

- Hold the gargle in the mouth, and rinse again 3 times

- When finished, drain the mouthwash into the tube, and make sure the liquid is filled until about 2.5ml

- Put the mixing liquid from the red tube into the mouthwash tube, and shake it. So, the two liquids can be mixed equated

- After mixing it, the sample is ready to be tested by RT-PCR (Real-Time PCR)

So, that's some information about the benefits, components, and how to use the bio-saliva test. BioSaliva will still be tested using the RT-PCR method, but only the sampling method is different, because it is more simple and safer than using the swab method which has to plug the tool into the nose, so sometimes the nose will feel sore and hurt.

And in the virus detection test process, although it looks easy, all these tests will not get optimal results and will not be effective and efficient if they are not supported by other Covid-19 test support equipment.

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