What is The Difference Between Albumin and Globulin?

When we perform the protein testing, our blood will be taken as a sample. Inside our blood contains protein substances, such as albumin and globulin. Albumin and globulin are two types of protein substances in the human tissues and blood cells. Tests of these two proteins are often referred to as total protein tests. The total protein test measures the total amount of albumin and globulin in the human body.

Although these two types of protein are located inside blood cells / tissues, in fact they are two different things. Albumin protein is a protein that has a simple structure and small amounts in blood cells, while globulin protein is a protein with a simple structure that has large amounts in plasma and blood cells. Besides that, there are still several other differences, here are the explanations.


Albumin protein is made and carried out by the liver.  60% of the total protein is albumin or about 3.4 – 5.4 g/dl, the liver produces 12 g of albumin every day. Albumin has several functions, such as maintaining oncotic pressure in the blood to prevent the leakage of fluid out of blood vessels, assisting the growth and healing process of body tissues, also assisting in the transportation and distribution of drugs or other important substances such as hormones, vitamins, calcium and minerals through the blood to all tissues in the body.


Part of globulin protein is formed and produced in the liver, and the rest in the immune system. 40% of the total protein is a globulin substance, globulin is also a protein substance that will not dissolve in water, but instead dissolve in salt. Globulins have a high molecular weight and number, widely found and used as antibodies which are commonly called immunoglobulins. Globulins function to help prevent and fight infection, also assist the process of transporting and distributing essential nutrients throughout the body. Globulins are divided into 3 types, namely alpha 1 and 2, beta, and gamma

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