Guide to The Hot Plate

The hot plate is a portable heating stove that is used for research in the laboratory, such as knowing chemical reactions, heating samples, heating flammable solutions, homogenizing samples or solutions, and many more. Hot plates work by using electrical energy which is transferred into heat energy that occurs on the base / iron plate part. The base / iron plate part on the hot plate serves as a conductor, which is why the hot plate can become hot.

Most of the hot plates are equipped with 3 parts, namely the base, the temperature controller, and the magnetic stirrer. Here are the explanations:

  1. Base Part: A place to put the sample to be heated. Usually the sample is placed inside the beaker or Erlenmeyer flask.
  2. Temperature controller: To adjust the temperature of the hot plate according to a predetermined temperature. This temperature controller is in the form of a rotary knob where the more knob is rotated to the right, the temperature will be higher. Conversely, if the knob is rotated further to the left, the temperature will be lower.
  3. Magnetic stirrer: serves to perform and adjust the speed of sample stirring on the hot plate.
  4. Temperature display: Currently, many hot plates have automated-digital systems, so to monitor the temperature measurement, it is available automatically and can be seen through the temperature display screen, this makes it easier for users to use the hot plate.

How to Use Hot Plate Properly

  1. Prepare a hot plate, then connect it to a power source.
  2. Prepare the sample to be heated.
  3. Pour the sample into the beaker.
  4. Place the beaker on the base part of the hot plate.
  5. Turn on the hot plate by pressing the ON button.
  6. Turn the temperature control knob according to the specified and desired temperatures.
  7. Wait for the sample to dissolve, then use the stirrer bar to perform and adjust the stirring speed.
  8. Turn off the hot plate when the heating process is completed or finished

How to Take Care Hot Plate from Damages

A hot plate is a laboratory tool that has a great function for research in the laboratory, apart from its ease of use, hot plates can also provide effective and efficient results and processes for heating and homogenizing samples, so it will not take more time, effort, and costs. Therefore, in order for this hot plate tool to continue to be used for a long period, it is necessary to carry out maintenance. Here are 2 treatments on the hot plate so it doesn't get damaged quickly:

  1. Clean the hot plate from residues or dust and traces of heating samples on the base / iron plate part, as well as other hot plate parts.
  2. Routinely turn on the hot plate every day, so that the hot plate machine continues to function normally. Because there are many cases where machines that are not regularly turned on and are rarely used will be damaged

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