The Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter : Characterization Analysis and Particle Counting for Animals in The Water

Maintaining and monitoring the water quality is a very important thing to take care of the sustainability ecosystem of the things in the water. Water has a variety of living things in it, some of them could be useful as a source of food for human beings, such as salmon, tuna, shrimp, mussels, and many more, especially for the creatures in the sea.

Talking about sea creatures, especially mussels, it is proven that mussels are an aquatic animal which is a natural filter for maintaining the cleanliness of the sea and rivers to keep it safe and healthy. Every Aquatic animal has different characteristics and they need to adjust to the environment when they breed.

The adjustment includes the elements around their environment. If the environmental elements that are contained in the water do not match with the animal's body their lifecycle will be disturbed and will not even be sustainable or in other words died.

Every Marine Biotech expert and scientist will not remain silent, they will study and find out the right solution to overcome this problem. Back then, many people used technology like microscopes and now technology is developing and becoming more advanced. However, it turns out that the results by using a microscope are very time consuming, subjective, and often prone to errors.

The Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter is a device that could solve these problems. Multisizer 4e makes it possible to analyze easily the characteristic and particle counting which is more accurate than any other technologies, like with using a microscope it may take for hours to get a result, but by using Multisizer 4e it only takes just a minute for measurements and to get a result.

The advantages provided using the Multisizer 4e compared with other technologies are :

- Sizing and counting thousands of particles with high accuracy

- Doing the analysis for sampling and measurements more and less in a minute

- More effective and efficient control parameters

- Using software which allows every user to analyze the results using multiple parameters post measurement plus audit control and security that confirms to 21 CFR regulations 

- Included in ASTM and ISO 13319

- Could detect and count particles from 0.2 um - 1600 um in diameter with sample volumes small

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