ILC Dover creates products for a wide variety of industries

ILC Dover develops engineered solutions to complex problems. Recognized globally for its flexible containment solutions. ILC Dover serves customers in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, personal care, food and beverage, chemicals, aerospace, healthcare, and government agencies. At ILC Dover, quality is culture, not measure.

ILC Dover is highly innovative, responsive, dedicated, and competitive. ILC Dover has been innovating since 1947. ILC Dover's visionary solutions increase efficiency, protect workers and products, and prevent disasters - proof that ILC Dover is at the forefront of business excellence.

ILC Dover’s products include Pharmaceutical / BioPharm, Personal Safety, Bulk Packaging, Flood Protection, and Aerospace. Control and processing of Biopharm / pharm at ILC Dover focus on making the processes to market your products faster, safer, and cleaner. 

ILC Dover has taken the power to protect the life of astronauts in outer space. ILC Dover supports pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers with a single-use system designed to accommodate powder transfer from cGMP to the nanogram level. 

With more than 300,000 globally successful installations since 1997, one of the key elements of the ILC Dover’s product line is the regulatory-friendly, and agent-free ArmorFlex® material. These films are specially formulated to provide superior elongation performance (nearly 500%) for high ruggedness and strength. This feature combined with a unique blend of safe and effective anti-static additives, enables all DoverPac® products to provide a high level of reliable containment.

Personal safety has been ILC Dover's watchword for more than 70 years. ILC Dover engineered a soft good product, i.e. spacesuits, which provide the best possible protection, when lives are at stake. Today, ILC Dover continues to pioneer with the next generation of distinct personal safety products. 

ILC Dover's focus on advanced fabric and film technologies has resulted in a growing portfolio of innovative solutions that keep workers in a number of industries safe and productive. ILC Dover's best-in-class powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) redefines how pharmaceutical and healthcare employees save from the risk of exposure to airborne pathogens, disease, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

ILC Dover's escape respirators provide superior performance with the fast and ready-to-use protection required. ILC Dover's asbestos reduction products have been setting the standard in performance, ease of use, and protection for decades. All ILC Dover’s respirators are NIOSH approved, and ILC Dover's asbestos is already recognized by the other asbestos remediation industry globally.

ILC Dover bulk packaging solutions for liquid and dry products maximize operating efficiency, cost savings and reduce residual waste. From bulk liquid and dry coating to paper and rigid IBC, ILC Dover's make the work processing in markets ranging from food & beverage, personal care, chemical, and industrial, easier, and more effective.

ILC Dover's flood protection was created to develop forward-thinking and flexible technologies such as gate, wall, enclosure, and plug systems that prevent flood damage. ILC Dover's value proposition provides clients with facility robustness through solutions stored at "point of use" that can be deployed in minutes.

Lastly, ILC Dover creates space suits and space vehicle landing airbags for NASA and commercial astronauts to heavy lift and passenger aircraft and surveillance radar aerostats, ILC Dover routinely overcomes technical, logistical, and geographic barriers for engineering sophisticated solutions.

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