Body Composition, Indicators in Measuring The Health

Body composition is the explanatory picture of the human body parts state percentage, such as body water, protein, minerals, and fat. Why does body composition explain these 4 body parts? What about other human body parts? Here are the explanations:

  1. Body water: because the human body mostly contains and is made from water.
  2. Protein: because protein is the substance contained in the human body muscles.
  3. Minerals: because minerals are found and contained in the human body bloodstream and bone tissue.
  4. Fat: because fat is a reserve / stored energy for the human body strength.

Body composition is a chemical interpretation that focuses on the molecular distribution of the human body, such as the distributions of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and other elements. Body composition is one of the best indicators in measuring and knowing the health of the human body. Knowing the health condition of your body just by looking at the body weight size will not be effective and is not a good indicator, that's why knowing our body composition is a very important thing.

By referring to body composition for body health measuring, you will get a more accurate and good picture of the state of your body. Body composition can provide more detailed analysis to determine changes in fat mass, muscle mass, bone and body fat percentage, because as humans age, their body composition will also continue to change, like their atomic, molecular, cellular, and tissue levels, or even their whole body will change too.

Why is it Important to our Health?

Well, as we know that some people think that people who have thin / skinny bodies have a good body health compared to people who are fat / obese. If we look at fitness training centres, we will surely find that many people will tend to focus on how they can gain or lose weight to measure their fitness and body health, with reference to the criteria for ideal body weight.

The existence of this assumption is a fatal mistake because being skinny does not automatically reduce a person's health risk, even skinny people can have the same high health risks as obese people. If you have ever heard the trending term “skinny fat”, it is a picture of the condition of people who think they are healthy because their Body Mass Index (BMI) seems normal, but in reality, they tend to have insufficient muscle mass and carry too much body fat. Carrying too much body fat can be harmful to your health, as it increases insulin resistance (which can lead to type 2 diabetes) and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Vice versa, if there are people with little body fat, it is also not good, because lack of will also pose a health risk to the human body.

From the explanation above, we can conclude that the term skinny or thin cannot be entirely equated with the meaning of a healthy body. This makes many people fail to consider the differences in each individual's body composition, for example, there are two people with the same gender, weight, and height, but their body composition will definitely be different, so even though they have a lot of similarities, but it will not necessarily make both of them equally healthy.

Different and contrast to the calculation and analysis using BMI criteria that use a range of body weight (such as underweight, normal, overweight, or obese) and a height range only, body composition is able to take into calculate and analyse various components of the human body composition.

The advantage of knowing our body composition makes us able to know the state of our body, starting from the compositions to the areas of our body, so we are able to analyze and identify the composition and which areas should be given more attention to maintain and improve health, as well as our fitness, overall. 

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