Safety Cabinet, Prevent Exposure to Cytotoxic Drug

Cytotoxic drug is a drug which contains very dangerous chemicals for living things. People with a job like pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, nurses and doctors, a custodial and housekeeping worker, a veterinary worker, and a home care worker are the people who have a high chance of being exposed to Cytotoxic.

The dangers of getting exposed of Cytotoxic are cancer disease, organ toxicity, hair loss, skin rashes, infertility, miscarriage and birth defects, and many more. Cytotoxic drugs can enter our bodies through breathing when we accidentally inhale them, through objects that are exposed and we accidentally touch them, through our skin or our bodies that have deep and severe wounds, and it can also be through foods we eat that are accidentally exposed without us knowing it.

To avoid this exposure, we can use various methods such as washing hands, cleaning items and the workplace, wearing personal protective equipment when working in zones that are quite dangerous for exposure to hazardous drugs, and using a protective engineering device such as safety cabinets.

Clyde Apac helps you to solve problems in preventing Cytotoxic exposure in your workplace. Cytotoxic drug safety cabinet by Clyde Apac is equipped with monitoring technology with a sophisticated system and several unique features that can guarantee your safety and comfort at work and ease of use.

The advantages of using cytotoxic drug safety cabinet product by Clyde Apac compared to the other products:

  • The cabinet is made using electro-galvanized steel with welded joints having a gas shield arc. This cabinet is strong and sturdy, will not easily leak and is able to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling.
  • Has a unique design that will not disturb you when you are working. This cabinet has corners that are radius and crevice-free for ease of cleaning and all surfaces are carefully dressed to remove sharp edges. The removable work tray is designed to allow cleaning access to its underside without removing it from the cabinet.
  • It has a pneumatic mechanism that can open and close the window without the need for external fasteners or catches. The window is self-supporting in the fully-open position to facilitate cleaning and access for large items. Opening the window with the cabinet running automatically engages a boost mode for enhanced containment by activating maximum exhaust airflow and the alarm systems.
  • Separate direct-drive fans that are provided in the exhaust and laminar flow HEPA filters. Fans are fitted with speed controllers to enable airflows to be maintained through filter life.
  • Audible and visible alarms with rechargeable battery back-up signify any reduction in barrier containment or laminar airflow. 
  • HEPA Filters that have been certified to predetermined standards and tested. 
  • Cabinet that can adjust its own supply voltage with a control panel that is located on the front of the cabinet. There are two modes in this control panel, such as boost mode and a post use mode which can be selected manually.

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