5515 Ceiling Emitter Ionizes Room with Digital System Technology

Improving your indoor air quality is a must thing to do, especially for this current situation. Every room in the building or house must be protected from viruses that can harm the occupants in it. These viruses can enter, spread and stay in a room for a long time and we as an occupant who stay in the room will not know and will not even be able to see the form of this virus. Therefore, we need an air filtration to filter the cleanliness of the air contained in the room.

The problem is that currently if we still use traditional indoor filtration technology, it will be less effective to use, because the technology is no longer updated for the times.

Simco-Ion introduced a new technology to ionize your room: 5515 Ceiling Emitter, a digital room ionization system. Ionization is nature's way of cleaning the air and allows your indoor air to be fresh and clean. The 5515 Ceiling Emitter was designed to provide uniform ionization in a room, even in the open areas.

The 5515 Ceiling Emitter can be installed onto the ceiling surface or inside a flush mounting channel. This ceiling emitter maintains the aesthetics of the room without disrupting the room laminar airflow. The 5515 Ceiling Emitter has also been certified to ISO class 1 clean rooms, and is able to answer problems that occur in "current good manufacturing practices (CGMP)" regarding contamination control of the FDA.

5515 Ceiling Emitter has features and benefits that can provide advantages and conveniences for its users.


- Fully digital technology using software that is providing a visual management tool to monitor and manage the system, including alarm conditions, room layouts, and individual emitter and controller status. Automated notifications for alarm conditions and maintenance alerts are user controlled. Data logging provides a history of system changes and security levels assure access by only authorized users and can be sent to the multiple personnel via email or messages

- Single-crystal silicon or titanium emitter points 

- Advanced feedback technology 

- Small and large capacity controllers


- Provides precision control of all ionization parameters with expansive data output capabilities

- Ensures ultra-clean performance with low maintenance

- Maintains balanced, high ion output over long periods for stable performance

- Enables user to grow from a small system to a large system using IonManager Pro software

For additional information on the 5515 Ceiling Emitter by Simco-Ion, kindly check our website or contact our sales services.

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