Get to Know Vortex Mixer : An Effective Tool for Your Easy Work

Maybe there are still many people who are unfamiliar with a tool called the Vortex Mixer, but not for people who work in the laboratory, because for them this tool is one of the objects used most in their daily working life.

The Vortex Mixer was first invented by Kraft Brothers in the 1960s, this tool is used for mixing things. In general, vortex mixers are used to mix liquids that have a small volume of liquid for cell disruption or homogenization, and are widely used in various fields of biology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

This tool is available in both analog and digital types. It has a motor system that allows moving an attached cup or pad in a circular motion. The operation of this tool is very easy, you just simply put a tube of liquid into the cup or pad and it will make a motion of the liquid of the tube and create a vortex. You can even adjust the operating speed whether it's high or low speed with a button or just by setting your certain position when holding the tube to get a gentle vortex on the liquid tube.

The Vortex mixer has been designed to be very powerful, very stable and really easy to use. But, do you know that this tool actually not only could process test tubes, vials, cylinders, microplates or other objects related to research and experimental science objects, but can also be used for liquid painting mixers or shakers for painting miniature and wargame models, and it could be for mixing an alcohol drink in small glass too, or maybe there are many more capabilities of the vortex mixer for other objects that we haven't yet experimented with.

This tool has advantages such as the mixer which can be set to be turned on all the time or more commonly. The device is also equipped to test single or multiple liquid samples simultaneously and it is capable of enduring heavy regular use because this tool is designed in response to pressure. This tool is produced from strong and corrosion-free materials.

So, a vortex mixer is absolutely super convenient and a great device. Is it a necessity tool for an example like a miniature model painter? No, not at all, but, if you've got a lot of paint or you've got some really pigment heavy paint, then this is an absolute best choice tool to have. You can find this tool easily, you'll find them in many places online or offline so many different brands, different models, and different pointers too.

Vortex Mixers from Benchmark Scientific

Benchmark Scientific is one of the companies that Provides research laboratories with innovative, cost effective products and solutions designed to improve laboratory efficiency, safety and results. Their vortex mixers have the best technological quality and value, with a wide variety of vortex mixers such as BenchMixer Vortexer Mixers, BenchMixer V2 Vortex Mixer with Flip Top Cup Head, Mortexer Vortex Mixer, and Vornado Miniature Vortex Mixer.

The Best Vortex Mixer model provide by Benchmark Scientific is BenchMixer V2 Vortex Mixer with Flip Top Cup Head, here's why this is their best vortex mixer model:

- BenchMixer V2 by Benchmark Scientific is the only Vortexer with a reversible top platform

- Has a powerful motor system for instant vortexing

- Q-drive vibration limiting technology, and the vibration will not make any object on your work desk shaking or fall

- Reversible top providing both cupped and flat-dimpled surfaces. You can just simply pull upward to remove it when changing it. Choose the desired mixing surface, and press into place

- The cupped head is ideal when vortexing a single tube

- Simply flip it over when you want to change it into a flat-dimpled head. The flat-dimpled head is preferred when mixing multiple tubes or PCR strips

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