DAIHAN Smart-Lab TM Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Solution with Modern and Updated Systems

Everyone knows what a freezer is. Usually the freezer is used to store foods and beverages or others, so the foods and the beverages do not spoil quickly and remain durable for a long time. The freezer was first invented by William Cullen and developed by Jacob Perkins.

Along with the times, the freezer is also growing and developing. DAIHAN Scientific is a laboratory equipment manufacturer based in South Korea. DAIHAN Scientific has released their product, namely the DAIHAN Smart-Lab TM Ultra Low Temperature Freezer.

DAIHAN Smart-Lab TM Ultra Low Temperature Freezer has 2 types, i.e. UniFreez and DuoFreez are equipped with advanced components such as user manual, quality, warranty, inspection sheet, shelf & shelf hook, wireless LAN card, ice remover, wall bracket, and door lock key in the main body of the freezer. Both of them has a feature Smart-Lab Controller Remote with Wire App Service which can:

- Ergonomic 7" full touch screen TFT LCD

- Easy monitoring and control-eye level controller

- Internet connectivity with WIFI

- Store management & automatic temperature data recording

- Self-diagnostic function : Built in standard warning and alarm functions

DAIHAN Smart-Lab TM Ultra Low Temperature Freezer type UniFreez has an updated and innovative cooling system because it is designed to make the cooling process fast with only minimal power consumption. UniFreez is further divided into 4 types, namely U400, U500, U700, and U800. U400 and U500 can be used from -86 to -65 degrees while U700 and U800 can be used from -80 to -65 degrees.

Meanwhile, the DuoFreez type has the advantage that the freezer's temperature will not be affected if there is a problem in the system. DuoFreez is specially designed so that the freezer has independent unit freeze systems that ensure the cooling temperature is maintained even if the problem occurs in one system. DuoFreez types also have 4 types with D400, D500, D700, and D800. The D400 and D500 have advantages because they can be used from -95 to -65 degrees while D700 and D800 can be used from -90 to -65 degrees.

Both types of DAIHAN Smart-Lab TM Ultra Low Temperature Freezer are registered and have UL, CUL, and CE certifications which are safety certifications in the US and Europe Areas and are equipped with a PL (Product Liability) Insurance. The design of this freezer was also chosen as an excellent design, product among other products.

Want to learn more? Visit daihan-sci.com to read an updated news and brochures about UniFreez and DuoFreez. Interested in buying the products? Please contact us HarTech as a DAIHAN Scientific trustworthy distributor and especially if your region is in Indonesia please reach us on our website.

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