PT. Hartech Indonesia serves the biosciences market, defined as life science research, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages industries. Hartech sell and offer a broad range of processing technologies, including sterilizing filters, Ultrafiltration systems to purify and isolate proteins to a full range of laboratory water systems that is essential to research and analytical laboratory work, and the product of choice in laboratories.

also have an extensive technical service and on-line support network to assist with solutions, after sales service, calibration, on site testing for Laminar Air Flow/ Clean Room certification and a full-range of validation services.

provides consulting and customer support service for high value application.
MIllipore :
Membrane Filter, Cartridge Filter, Lab Water System, Sterility Testing, Filtration Apparatus, Housing, Integrity Testing,  etc.
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Associates of Cape Cod :
Pyrogen / LAL Bacterial Endotoxins Tests
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Hach Ultra Analytics :
Met One for Facility Monitoring System and Airborne particle counter, HIAC for Liquid Particle Counter, ANATEL for TOC monitoring, ORBISPHERE for O2 Analyzer.
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Clyde Apac :
Laminar Air Flow Products, Cytotoxic and Biological Safety Cabinet, PCR-IVF Cabinet.
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Wheaton Science
Bottles, Vials, Chromatography & Accessories, Closures, Environmental & Sampling, Laboratory & Organic Glassware, Life Science Products, Liquid Handling.
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New Brunswick Scientific :
Lab shakers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators and freezers.
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Contherm :
Incubators, Ovens, Laboratory Drying Ovens, Environmental Chambers, Tissue Culture and Plant Growth Chambers.
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